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Hardwearing, static dissipative, non-directional vinyl sheet flooring in 2 mm thickness. It features a high quality, cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement that is UV-cured to provide a low cost, polish-free maintenance regime for the lifetime of the flooring. Engineered for ESD protection, and designed for various applications up to light industrial installation.

The product is 100% recyclable and contains 25% recycled material.

Suitable for telecommunications installations, computer rooms and healthcare facilities such as scanner rooms, X-ray suites and operating theatres. Also suitable for use in electronics manufacturing.

A conductive earthing grid should also be installed as per Polyflor instructions – consult manufacturer for details.

Standard product features


Homogeneous vinyl.


2 m.


2 mm.

Electrical performance:

  • To EN 1815: <2 kV.
  • To EN 1081 R1/ R2: <10^9 Ohms.
  • ESD S 7.1–1 x 10^6 to 1 x 10^9 Ohms +.
  • Conforms to maximum voltage generation of <100 V and resistance to earth of <1 x 10^9 Ohms when tested to BS IEC 61340-4-5.
  • Requires a minimum 40% RH.

The quoted electrical resistance readings are obtained only when the materials are installed according to the instructions in the Polyflor Technical Information Manual (40–60 % RH 20–25ºC) and tested in accordance with the specified standard.

NBS Specification

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45-20-70/335 PVC sheet

NBS Specification

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Palettone SD Sheet


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