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A range of patterned high pressure laminates, comprising layers of kraft paper as the base, a decorative layer and an overlay. Suitable for bonding onto a variety of substrates depending on the application. It is a competitive, durable and hardwearing solution which can be post-formed as required.

Available in horizontal grade standard (HGS), horizontal grade post-forming (HGP), vertical grade standard (VGS) and vertical grade post-forming (VGP) in many different collection and colour options.


Colour/ Finish:

Many colour options are available; consult manufacturer's literature for more information. Finish options are dependent on colour choice.

NBS Specification

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45-45-65/360 Compact or solid grade laminates (HPL)

Product specification

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Product reference

Patterned Laminate


[Decori Minimi]
Mottled effect decors created by electronic processing a number of small textures.
Plain colours with mottled and speckled finishes within each colour set in a soft finish.
Innovative and quirky range of 12 digitally printed laminate decors.
Five elegant and warm tones with different weave and wave textures.
Material textures and oxidised effects with natural rock characteristics.
Screen printed colourful images.
A range of metallic speckles.
Refined and elegant decors characterised by opaque surfaces.
[Vertical Line]
Vertical grade range with two effects mimicking metallic textures and marble effects.
A range of flooring grade laminate suitable for use as access flooring.


[0.8 mm, HGP]
For Iridesceti only.
[0.9 mm, HGS]
Not available with Cresp, Crystaline, Fiber, Iridesceti and Kaleidos.
[0.9 mm, VGP]
For Iridesceti and Kaleidos only.
[1.2 mm, HGS]
For Walkprint only.


[2800 x 1300 mm]
For Walkprint only.
[3670 x 1230 mm]
For Walkprint only.
[4200 x 1860 mm]
Decori Minimi only.


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[ ______ ]

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London, E6 6LS
Tel +44 (0)20 7473 6910
Fax +44 (0)20 7476 6935
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