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Plain colour, high pressure laminates, comprising layers of kraft paper as the base, a decorative layer and an overlay. Suitable for bonding onto a variety of substrates depending on the application. It is a competitive, durable and hardwearing solution which can be post-formed as required.

Available in horizontal grade standard (HGS) and horizontal grade post-forming (HGP) grades in many different collection and colour options.


Colour/ Finish:

Many colour options are available; consult manufacturer's literature for more information. Finish options are dependent on colour choice.

NBS Specification

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45-45-65/360 Compact or solid grade laminates (HPL)

Product specification

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Product reference

Plain Colour Laminate


3050 x 1300 mm, a vast spectrum of plain colours, available in finish SEI as standard.
[Colours and Textures]
3050 x 1300 mm, a collection of colours taken from the plain colour range with textures applied.
3050 x 1300 mm, vibrant plain colours with an extra durable gloss finish suitable for horizontal surfaces.
2440 x 1220 mm, photo-luminescent (glow in the dark) laminate for use on vertical surfaces.
3050 x 1300 mm, magnetic laminate which may also be used as a blackboard or board for dry-erase marking pens.
3050 x 1300 mm, white or black full-coloured surfaces.


[0.8 mm, HGP]
For Colours only.
[0.9 mm, HGP]
For HR-Laq only.
[0.9 mm, HGS]
For Colours and Colours and Textures only.
[1.0 mm, HGS]
For Opache only.
[1.2 mm, HGS]
For Lumiphos only.
[1.3 mm, HGS]
For Magnetico only.


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Tel +44 (0)20 7473 6910
Fax +44 (0)20 7476 6935
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