The Aquatap system consists of a combination of a water dispenser tap and water-boiling unit (with integrated water conditioner). The dispenser is surface mounted whilst the boiling unit is usually installed directly underneath and linked directly to the mains supply. It can be customized by adding ambient water and chilled water options. For chilled water, Aquatap’s ice bank chiller unit provides 150 cups of chilled water.

Whilst chilled, ambient and boiling water are delivered from the same dispensing tap, the chiller and water boiling units are separate from each other. A range of optional accessories such as filter systems and extension pieces (for filling taller jugs) as well as drip trays and filter cartridges are available.

Features and benefits:

  • Safety standard approved with dual button safety controls to prevent accidental delivery of boiling water and to protect against scalds and burns.
  • Delivers up to 30 cups of boiling water with immediate draw-off.
  • Delivers up to 80 cups of chilled water with immediate draw-off (Aquatap Boiling and Chilled).
  • Intelliboil™ Plus technology provides efficient management of the boiling cycle.
  • Easy installation and under-counter design.
  • Two-year warranty as standard with the option to purchase additional service plans to increase warranty to up to five years - consult manufacturer for details.
  • Integral electronic water conditioner to reduce scale.
  • Engineering grade thermoplastic water container.
  • Modular construction ensures easy maintenance.
  • Filter supplied as standard.
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK.
  • CE marked, Nemko and Kiwa approved.

Should be installed over a sink to allow for drainage. If being installed on a worktop, the Aquatap should be installed with a font and drip tray which is available as an optional accessory.


Suitable for:

  • Nurseries.
  • Schools.
  • Care homes.
  • Hospitals.
  • Residential homes.
  • General office environments.

Standard product features

Size (h x w x d):

  • Dispenser: 309 (235 mm above worktop) x 60 x 118 mm.
  • Water heater: 480 x 350 x 296 mm.
  • Water chiller (Aquatap Boiling and Chilled): 405 x 350 x 296 mm.

Weight (full):

11.8 kg.

Boiling water technical characteristics:

  • Boiling water capacity: 5 L.
  • Element rating (at 240 V): 2.5 kW.
  • Immediate draw off: 30 cups.
  • One-hour recovery: 135 cups.
  • Supply pressure: 0.5–10 bar.
  • IP rating: IPX2.
  • Heat up time: 24 minutes.

Chilled water technical characteristics (Aquatap Boiling and Chilled):

  • Hourly capacity: 30 L.
  • Element rating (at 240 V): 180 W.
  • Operating pressure: 1–3.5 bar.
  • Operating temperature: 10–45ºC.
  • Refrigerant gas charge weight: R134A/ 90 g.
  • Nominal water outlet temperature: 10ºC.

NBS Specification

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90-15-35/485 Boiling water and chilled water taps

Product specification

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Heatrae Sadia Heating


+44 (0)1603 420220

Product reference

[Aquatap Boiling]
Dispenses boiling drinking water. Provides an efficient alternative to the kettle.
[Aquatap Boiling and Ambient]
Dispenses boiling and ambient drinking water.
[Aquatap Boiling and Chilled]
Dispenses boiling and chilled drinking water.


[Dispenser extension piece]
For filling taller jugs.
[Drip tray]
[Replacement filter cartridge]
[Seven-day digital programmer]
[Water filter cartridge]
[Water filter system]
[Water hammer arrestor]

Manufacturer details

Hurricane Way,
Norfolk, NR6 6EA
Tel +44 (0)1603 420220
Fax +44 (0)1603 420229
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