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SRM 180° and 360° automatic curved sliding doors are available in both convex and concave shapes in any desired radius – six standard radii are available. Furthermore, these solutions are also suitable for use as an emergency escape route.

Gilgen solutions are suitable for high volume, heavy duty, retail trade, hotels, offices, airports, stations, hospitals, schools, colleges, garden centres, leisure facilities and production facilities including pharmaceutical environments.

All equipment is designed to meet the rigorous safety requirements of the Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document M England and Wales), The Equality Act 2010, BS 8300: 2009 and BS EN 16005:2012, and is installed by Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) accredited engineers.

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Standard product features

Door panel weight (maximum):

120 kg.

Door profile:

40 mm thick.

Drive system:

SLM drive unit incorporating both auto reverse safety mechanism and safety stopping mechanisms

Drive case:

  • Concave (h x d): 200 x 250 mm.
  • Convex (h x d): 200 x 300 mm.


To protect pedestrians when entering the door threshold area, two infrared light detectors protect the walk through area. If the light beam is cut by pedestrians entering the door threshold area the doors are prevented from closing or causes the closing motion to be reversed.


24 V DC motor with microprocessor controller which allows extensive options for opening width, electric locking, summer/ winter modes, exit only, manual control, speed of opening and the length of time the door is open.


  • Bedis hard wired programming key pad, designed for installation in a central control panel.
  • Configured for Automatic/ Manual/ Summer/ Winter/ Night/ Exit/ Open door operating modes.

Power requirements:

230 V single phase. A 13 A live neon-lit fused spur supply, protected by a 30 mA RCD must be provided prior to installation. In order to comply with BS EN 16005 the mains connection must be capable of disconnection to prevent unintentional and unauthorised reactivation.


Door clearance widths:

- Convex:

1215, 1472, 1729, 1986, 2243 or 2500 mm.

- Concave:

1247, 1504, 1761, 2018, 2275 or 2533 mm.

Safety and security:

  • Fail-safe system (battery back-up) enables up to 30 minutes operation (subject to use) in the event of a mains failure. The fail safe system is automatically tested at least once every 24 hours.
  • Fire alarm interface connection enables door leaves to fail safe to open in the event of an emergency. In compliance with BS EN 16005 door sets with a clear opening width of up to 2000 mm open by at least 80% within 3 seconds after activation by the activators in the escape direction (or within 5 seconds in the event of the loss of power).
  • Automatic locking within drive mechanism.
  • Automatic stay bar locking CLS.
  • Manual unlocking inside.
  • Manual unlocking outside.

Door movement guide:

Surface mounted fixed point guide enhances efficiency of door movement.

Recessed floor track:

Helps further improve door security as well as improved weather sealing and resistance to strong winds and driving rain.

NBS Specification

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45-25-28/366 Sliding door and partition sets

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Product specification

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SRM Automatic Circular Sliding Door

Door configuration

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[Concave installation]

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Track radius

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[ ______ ]


[Powder coated, RAL]
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Laminated safety glass VSG 8/2


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[Manual push pad]
[Motion sensors]

Locking and security

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Door movement guide

[Recessed floor track]
[Surface mounted fixed point guide]

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