Acoustic overlay flooring board designed to damp vibration and attenuate both airborne sound and impact noise passing through floors with minimum loss in room height. The substrate layers of moisture-resistant MDF and fibreboard or particleboard are separated by visco-elastic sound damping strips. The underside incorporates a resilient layer of acoustic felt, which provides mechanical isolation from the existing floor structure.

Features and benefits:

  • Moisture-resistant upper surface.
  • Acoustic felt on the underside will contour over minor irregularities on the floor surface.
  • Suitable for use on new and existing timber and concrete floors.
  • Suitable for use where floor to ceiling height is limited.


  • 6 mm-thick medium density fibreboard (MDF) with overlap joint.
  • Visco-elastic strips.
  • Fibreboard: REDUC® Micro 17: 18 mm-thick; REDUC® Micro 21: 22 mm-thick.
  • Polyester felt.


Can be used throughout the building, including kitchens and bathrooms. Applications include:

  • Flats and apartments.
  • Hotels and hostels.
  • Sheltered housing.
  • Social housing.
  • Nursing and care homes.
  • Student accommodation.

Acoustic performance:

Consult manufacturer's literature for details. Subject to REDUC® products being used within recommended flooring constructions.

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Standard product features

Board size (l x w):

1175 x 575 mm.

Laid area per board:

0.675 m².


Product reference:

- REDUC Micro 17:

  • Thickness: 17 mm.
  • Weight: 9.1 kg/m² (6.5 kg per board).

- REDUC Micro 21:

  • Thickness: 21 mm.
  • Weight: 18 kg/m² (12 kg per board).

NBS Specification

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45-45-95/460 Medium-density fibreboard

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[REDUC® Micro 17]
[REDUC® Micro 21]