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Aluminium, industrial standard fixed vertical ladder, available to suit floor to ceiling heights of between 2–6 m (special sizes available upon request), supplied with a fixed safety cage designed to sit below a roof access hatch. Manufactured to meet the requirements of BS 4211.

LadderUP® safety post also available for use with the ladder.

Standard product features


  • Stiles: Alloy Class 1, 73 x 25 mm box section.
  • Rung: Class 1 heavy duty.
  • Stand-off brackets: 50 x 10 mm alloy bar.
  • Fixings: Stainless steel.
  • Finish: Mill.
  • Overall ladder width: 488 mm.

Safety cage:

  • Safety cage: Cages above 2200–3000 mm.
  • Strap: 50 x 10 mm flat bar, five straps as BS 4211.
  • Fixings: Dome head bolts.
  • Finish: Mill.

NBS Specification

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30-05-30/165 Permanently fixed vertical ladder system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Howe Green Ltd


+44 (0)1920 463230

Product reference

For 2.0–2.8 m height, 15–18 kg weight (approximate).
For 2.8–3.6 m height, 18–20 kg weight (approximate).
For 3.6–4.4 m height, 20–26 kg weight (approximate).
For 4.4–5.2 m height, 26–32 kg weight (approximate).
For 5.2–6.0 m height, 32–37 kg weight (approximate).
Special size, insert requirements.

LadderUP® safety post

[Not required]

Manufacturer details

Marsh Lane,
Hertfordshire, SG12 9QQ
Tel +44 (0)1920 463230
Fax +44 (0)1920 463231
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