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ARDEX A 35 is a special cement used in place of Portland Cement in cement:sand screeds for producing a rapid setting and drying floor screed that can be used as a bonded screed, an unbonded floor screed laid onto a membrane, or a floating screed laid onto compressive quilt or insulation material. It will be dry after 24 hours at 20°C to receive floor finishes, regardless of thickness.

Screed thickness:

The following thicknesses are recommended for screeds using ARDEX A 35:

  • Bonded screeds: Minimum 15 mm (design thickness up to 40 mm).
  • Unbonded screeds: Minimum 50 mm.
  • Floating screeds: Minimum 75 mm (minimum 65 mm in lightly loaded (domestic) locations).

Mix proportions:

  • Heavy duty: A 1:4 mix is recommended where a very heavy duty floor is required.
  • Standard: A 1:5 mix is recommended for all normal screeding situations.

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45-55-10/380 Quick drying levelling screed mix

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ARDEX A 35 Ultra Rapid Drying Cement for Internal Screeds

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