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A white cement-based flexible fibre reinforced adhesive suitable for fixing all types of ceramic tiles in external and internal situations, including swimming pools. It has been formulated to allow the fixing of fully vitrified tiles and those with low porosity without the need of an admixture.


  • MICROTEC fibre reinforcement for high performance.
  • Advanced slump resistance, double that of 'T' classified adhesives, ideal for fixing large format wall tiles.
  • Achieves an open time of up to 60 minutes, double that of 'E' classified adhesives.
  • 3 hour pot life.
  • Ideal for all tile types, including porcelain, fully vitrified, mosaics and terrazzo.
  • High yield – 6.3 m² at 3mm.
  • Ideal for swimming pools and wet areas.
  • For internal and external applications.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.

ARDEX X 77 W will adhere strongly to most construction materials although it must be used with ARDEX P 51 Primer when fixing to plaster and ARDEX P 82 when fixing to smooth impervious surfaces including existing ceramic tiling, internal asphalt, terrazzo, sound and well adhered paint coatings and old adhesive residues. ARDEX P 4 - rapid drying primer, applied to concrete, screeds, terrazzo and ceramic tiles and can be used externally.

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Consult ARDEX’s technical literature for details and fixing guidance.

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45-50-00/325 Cementitious adhesives

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ARDEX X 77 W MICROTEC Rapid Setting Flexible Wall and Floor Tile Adhesive

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