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ARDEX E 100 is an acrylic-based dispersion for use in screeding and rendering mortars in internal and external locations. The addition of ARDEX E 100 improves the compressive and tensile strengths, and elasticity and bond strength of the modified mortar. The workability and plastic properties of the mortar are improved without increasing the water/ cement ratio, and early age crack formation is significantly reduced. ARDEX E 100 is also designed for use in the bonding slurry/ grout mortar mixture for ARDEX A 38 Rapid Hardening and Drying Cement for floor screeds.


  • Improves the elasticity and the compressive and tensile strengths of the modified mortar.
  • Improves the workability and plastic properties of the mortar without increasing the water content.
  • Allows bonded cement and sand screeds to be applied at as little as 15 mm thickness.
  • Reduces early age crack formation and surface dusting of screeds, whilst increasing their abrasion resistance.
  • Use with ARDEX A 38 Screeding Cement as a bonding slurry/ grout.
  • For internal and external use.


ARDEX E 100 is used in bonding grouts or slurry coats, for the adhesion of bonded screeds in mortars based on ordinary Portland cements, masonry cements, cement/ lime and bonded renders, to cementitious backgrounds. ARDEX E 100 can also be used as an additive to:

  • Improve workability without increasing the water content of mortars.
  • Increase the compressive and tensile bending strengths of the hardened mortars.
  • Improve the elasticity and reduce crack formation in mortars.
  • Reduce surface dusting of screeds and renders while increasing their abrasion resistance.
  • Enable the minimum thickness of the modified bonded Portland cement floor screed to be reduced to 15 mm from the recommended 25 mm minimum thickness for unmodified screed mortars.

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Adhesion to background:

Cement slurries improved with ARDEX E 100 applied onto a clean, laitance free concrete surface will have a tensile adhesion strength in excess of 2.5 N/mm² after 28 days.

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45-55-04/367 Polymer admixture

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ARDEX E 100 Additive Bonding/ Slurry Grouts

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