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An ultra low viscosity, solvent free, two component epoxy resin designed for strengthening and restoring poorly compacted and low strength screeds. It fills voids in the defective screed resulting from poor compaction and consolidates loose particles to provide a high strength screed that meets the highest soundness category for in situ crushing resistance.

Coverage depends on porosity and depth of screed. Typically a 50 mm thick weak cement/ sand screed with a BS 8204-1 in situ crushing resistance value of 8 mm will require 3-5 kg/m² of PSRS resin. Once the PSRS resin has cured, typically after four hours at 20°C, the ARDEX FINE AGGREGATE sand blinded surface may be smoothed, after excess loose sand has been removed, with the appropriate ARDEX smoothing and levelling compound in accordance with the relevant ARDEX data sheet.

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45-55-50/310 Epoxy mortar

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ARDEX PSRS Penetrating Screed Renovation System

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