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ARDEX X 7 is a grey or white adhesive for internal or external use for fixing ceramic wall and floor tiling to concrete, cement:sand screeds, blockwork and brickwork.

Where large flat backed tiles and smooth backed, dense and fully vitrified ceramics are to be fixed, it is recommended that ARDEX X 7 is used in conjunction with ARDEX E 90 admix.

Consult the ARDEX X 7 Application and Fixing Guide for details for fixing to alternative substrates.


  • Versatile multipurpose tile adhesives for fixing wall and floor tiles.
  • Suitable for ceramic, porcelain, glass mosaic, and most natural stone tiles.
  • Frost and weather resistant.
  • Suitable for swimming pools and other wet locations.
  • Excellent workability and slump resistance.
  • Suitable for floors with underfloor heating.

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Consult ARDEX’s technical literature for details and fixing guidance.

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45-50-00/310 Acrylic and methacrylate adhesives
45-50-00/330 Epoxy resin-based adhesives

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ARDEX X 7 Standard Setting Flexible Tile Grout

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