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Electrically operated active fire curtain barrier assembly, used to form a virtually continuous barrier as a fire separating element. The barrier assembly comprises a woven steel and glass fabric wound on to a steel roller, powered by an internal 24 V d.c electric motor, enclosed within a 1.2 mm-thick (0.047 inch) stainless steel box.

There are two vision panels within the main curtain assembly and a bottom bar is fitted to the bottom edge of the curtain, providing tension to the curtain with sufficient weight for the curtain to ‘fail-safe by gravity’. The 24 V motor contains an electromagnetic brake to arrest motion of the curtain when in the open position.

The barrier assembly has been tested to the requirements of BS EN 14600-5 for ‘Durability of Self-Closing’ (500 cycles on primary power and an additional 50 cycles using back-up power; closing speed of 0.08 m/s). The barrier assembly has been tested to the requirements of BS EN 1634-1 for ‘Fire Resistance’ (120 minutes integrity) and BS EN 1634-1 for ‘Radiant Heat Flux’ (30 minutes).

Features and benefits:

  • See through a deployed curtain as a means of escape.
  • Safely egress from lifts.
  • Suitable for lift lobby muster points.
  • First responder can clear a building faster.
  • First responder can see the presence of an occupant on the other side of a curtain.
  • First responder can see the presence of fire on the other side of a curtain.
  • First responder can see the presence of smoke on the other side of a curtain.


  • Escape routes incorporating doorways and corridors.
  • Lift openings and lobbies.
  • Areas where Fire Marshals and the Fire and Rescue Service may need to assess prior to entry.


The barrier assemblies move upon initiation of alarm or power or system failure, and fully deploy to the fire operational position within the range of velocities of 0.06–0.15 m/s (2.362–5.905 in/s) using the VarioSpeed™ function.

Operating speeds are site adjustable without altering the bottom bar mass. Speeds may be dictated by those authorities having jurisdiction for ‘safety in use’ according to the location, nature or function of each unit.

In the event of a mains supply power failure, the curtain is retained in the open position for a pre-determined period (nominally 30 minutes), using battery back-up power. During this period, the barrier assembly will deploy on receipt of a signal. At the end of the period, the barrier assembly will deploy.


Fabric type is EFP™ A1, which is a stainless steel wire reinforced glass fabric fire barrier. It has an area weight of 665 g/m² ±10%. The curtain fabric offers dimensional stability and is non-combustible to BS EN 13501-1 + A1 – Reaction to Fire.

The fabric has passed testing to BS 8524-1, BS EN 1634-1, BS EN 1363-1, BS EN 1362-2, BS EN 1634-3, BS 6853, BS EN ISO 1716, BS 476-6, BS 476-7, BS EN 13823 and BS EN 14184-1.

Standard product features

Fire resistance:

120 minutes' (two hours) integrity.

Period of radiation:

˃30 minutes <15 kW/m².


E120 EW30 C1.


One year.

Product certification, performance and/ or testing:

  • Complete barrier assemblies are certified by an independent accredited certification body operating to ISO/IEC 17065.
  • Complete barrier assemblies are certified with an independent accredited certification body operating an accredited UKAS scheme for installation, commissioning and servicing.
  • Complete barrier assemblies have been tested for fire resistance to BS EN 1634-1. The Barrier assembly achieved 120 minutes integrity and 120 minutes radiation.
  • Complete barrier assemblies have passed tests for durability to BS EN 12605 (500 cycles), and for self-closing to BS EN 14600 (C1).
  • Motor(s) used within barrier assemblies have passed elevated temperature operational tests to BS 8524-1, Annex G.

Approving standards:

  • BS EN 1634-1:2014, Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door, shutter and, openable window assemblies and elements of building hardware. Fire resistance tests for doors, shutters and openable windows
  • BS EN 1634-3:2004, Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies – Part 3: Smoke control doors and shutters
  • BS EN 1363-1:1999, Fire resistance tests – Part 1: General requirements
  • BS EN 1363-2:1999, Fire resistance tests – Part 2: Alternative and additional procedures
  • BS EN 13501-2:2007+A1, Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Classification using data from fire resistance tests, excluding ventilation services rating
  • BS EN 14600:2005, Doorsets and openable windows with fire resisting and/ or smoke control characteristics.
  • BS EN ISO 1716, Determination of the Heat of Combustion for Building Products
  • BS 6853 Annex B.2, Toxicity
  • BS 6853 Annex D.8.4, Methods for Measuring Smoke Density
  • BS EN 13823, Reaction to Fire Tests – Single Burning Item
  • BS EN 14184-1, Textiles – Determination of Formaldehyde – Part 1: Free and hydrolysed formaldehyde (water extraction method
  • HSG 248, Analysis of Material for the presence of Asbestos
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015, Quality management system
  • BS EN ISO 14001:2015, Environmental management system

NBS Specification

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45-25-28/414 Roller shutter sets

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Product reference

FireMaster® A1 ResQ-Window


[ ______ ]




[Beam protection and obstruction warning]
Beam obstruction detector with delay timer.
[Emergency retract]
Touch button retract facility.
[Split drop delay]
Partially deploys to pre-determined level to permit escape and initial smoke containment.
[Visual alert system]
Light warning system when mains or emergency power is available.
[Voice warning]
Audio or spoken multi-message facility when mains or emergency power is available.

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