Automatic turnstile revolving doors are as prestigious as they are elegant. Where buildings denote grandeur, turnstile revolving doors stand for style. As they combat heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, automatic turnstile revolving doors are particularly suitable in areas of high traffic densities and where energy efficiency is valued.


  • Hotels.
  • Administration buildings.
  • Shopping centres.
  • Exhibition and conference centres.
  • Multiplex cinemas.
  • Railway stations.
  • Airport buildings.
  • Sports facilities.
  • Hospitals.


  • Aluminium profile closures 56 x 56 mm giving an impression of lightness.
  • Visible drum wall profiles – upper 73 mm, lower 105 mm.
  • Crown compartment from 250 mm.
  • Suitable for door diameters from 1.8–4.0 m.
  • Drive located in the roof structure and unit is available with three or four leaves.
  • Extremely quiet drive movement, speed control variable.
  • Safe in the event of a power failure as a result of overwind protection as standard.

Additional functions:

  • Rescue and escape routes with break-out function (mechanical emergency opening system which allows the leaves to be swung out of the way so as to give unimpeded access/entry).
  • Windbrake function: electro-mechanical locking of the break-out door leaves.
  • Drive located in the floor or the ceiling of the room under the door.
  • Night closure: available with locks; the cleverly designed internal guidance system prevents dirt build-up and is weather-resistant.
  • Integral air curtain – able to prevent minor drafts.
  • Access Control: access can be denied to unauthorised persons as persons enter singly.

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Standard product features

Control panel:

Control panel five operation modes, LED display and key switch on the door to lock the control panel or placed externally. Simple service and repair access through internal canopy.


Encoders to activate the door installed in the ceiling area, or customers badge readers.

Safety features:

  • Vertical safety pressure strips on two pillars and on all leaves.
  • Horizontal heel protection strips.
  • Emergency stop button on external and internal corner columns.
  • Button for handicapped persons on external and internal corner columns.
  • In the event of a power failure the doors are in no load operation (overwind prevention) and can be operated manually or with a battery module.

Drum walls:

Manufactured from 10 mm curved laminated safety glass with 75/105 (upper/ lower) x 40 mm aluminium sealing profiles. The closing edges are protected by black rubber strips.

External canopy:

Water repellent plywood canopy, 15 mm thick. Sides enclosed by aluminium cladding including water retaining lip. Full waterproofing required by others.

Internal canopy:

A 16 mm melamine cladding (white) or with aluminium components in the same colour as the door with five symmetrically arranged halogen spot-lights.


Manual locking of one door leaf with a profile cylinder. Night closure, optional.



- Door leaf/ axle:

Three or four leaves manufactured from 6 mm tempered safety glass with 56 x 56 mm aluminium sealing profiles and mounted rigidly on the axle. All leaves with integrated natural horse-hair sealing brushes which are reinforced at the corners and easy to replace.

Drive unit:

  • Universal drive 5201: All-round powerful drive with a wide range of functions for automatic revolving doors: speed, alarm messages and power can all be set by the operator very easily with the service computer and its self-explanatory menu. The number of door leaves can be freely selected; the built-in height and therefore the crown compartment are extremely shallow. Mains supply: 230 V AC/ 50 Hz, power consumption: 320 W.

Floor ring:

A stainless steel floor ring for optimally securing the door equipment, on an untreated floor in the building capable of taking fixing bolts. The door can also be installed directly onto the finished floor. However, the finished floor or the floor ring must be absolutely flat (± 1 mm) and capable of taking fixing bolts.


- Access control:

Additional functions with additional recognition sensors for the control of pedestrian traffic.

- Automatic and manual night closure:

Manual night closure on the exterior of the building manufactured from 10 mm thick curved laminated safety glass. Guided internally on stainless steel rails. With integral automatic lock or integral manual lock with profile cylinder.

- Break-out function:

The mechanical emergency opening system (break-out) opens the door wing upon reaching the individually specified force and stops the rotational movement automatically.

- Integral air curtain:

Hot air curtain integrated into the canopy at the internal entrance. The air curtain prevents all forms of draughts and penetration of hot or cold air.

- Wind brake:

In situations involving strong wind, the installation of a wind brake is recommended.

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45-25-28/352 Automatic revolving doorsets

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Universal Drive 5201

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[Natural anodized E6/EV1]
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Internal canopy

[Aluminium to match door]
[White melamine cladding]


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[Non-interruptible power supply]
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