A curved sliding door makes an architectural statement and demonstrates style and character at the first glance. A curved sliding door lends an air of grandeur to the entire entrance area: it is up to 40% larger than linear sliding doors.


  • Office buildings.
  • Shops.
  • Convenience stores in filling stations.
  • Apartment blocks.
  • Hotels.
  • Restaurants.
  • Care homes.
  • Hospitals.
  • Conference centres.
  • Exhibition buildings.

Optional areas of use:

  • Rescue and escape routes.
  • Full-glass doors.

Additional functions:

  • Air-lock function: two coordinated door systems control access.
  • Access control: controlled by a key, badge, video monitoring and biometric data.
  • Hold-up closure: on pressing a button the door closes immediately and without reversal.
  • Building automation: incorporation into existing systems.

Standard product features


  • Left or right opening width: 800–2000 mm.
  • Opening to both sides: 100–3000 mm.


- Lightweight profile LR12:

The elegant TORMAX profile for single sheet glazing, particularly suitable for internal use.

  • Facial width: 22 mm.
  • Base height: 80 mm.
  • Profile depth: 20 mm.
  • Glass thickness: 6–12 mm.
  • Glazing method: Wet.
  • Type of glazing: Toughened safety glass/ laminated safety glass.
  • Sliding leaf seals: Top and sides.
  • Safety distance: ≤ 8 mm between the sliding and fixed door leaves in accordance with the CEN safety standards

- Lightweight profile LR 22B:

In spite of its extraordinarily compact design the lightweight frame profile section is ideally suited for insulating glass up to 23 mm in dry glazing and 28 mm in wet glazing.

  • Facial width: 30 mm.
  • Base height: 78 mm.
  • Profile depth: 34 mm.
  • Glass thickness, dry: 8.5–10 mm, 21.5–23 mm, wet: 6–28 mm.
  • Sliding leaf seals: Single, all-round.
  • Standards met: ZH 1/494prEN 12650 ≤8 mm between the sliding and fixed door leaves in accordance with CEN safety standards.

Drive unit:

  • Electromechanical sliding door drive with wear-free synchronous motor technology and processor control. Gearless, low-maintenance AC motor. Mains supply 230 V AC/ 50 Hz.
  • Mounting: Can be lintel, wall or ceiling mounted.
  • Double rollers with groove for ideal load distribution and integrated unhinging protection, easily replaceable low-noise guide rail.

Sensors and accessories:

A wide range of sensors are available including radar and infrared, plus a wide range of accessories including battery modules for emergency power supply and emergency 'OFF' switches, consult manufacturer for exact details.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-25-28/368 Sliding folding shutter doorsets

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



TORMAX United Kingdom Ltd


+44 (0)1932 238040

Product reference



[ ______ ]


[Left opening]
[Right opening]
[Opening both sides]


 - Type:
[Lightweight profile LR12]
[Lightweight profile LR 22B]

Colour/ Finish

Powder coated RAL - Insert colour requirements.


[Compound safety glass 10 mm, with 0.78 mm film]
[Insulating glass comprising 2 x 5 mm single sheet safety glass, heat soak tested]
[Insulating glass comprising 2 x 6 mm compound safety glass, film 0.78 mm]
[Single sheet safety glass 10 mm, heat soak tested]

Drive unit

 - Type:
[iMotion® 2202]
Door leaf weight (maximum): 1 x 130 kg, 2 x 120 kg.
[iMotion® 2301]
Door leaf weight (maximum): 1 x 150 kg, 2 x 130 kg.
[iMotion® 2401]
Door leaf weight (maximum): 1 x 450 kg, 2 x 300 kg.
[TORMAX 2201]
Door leaf weight (maximum): 1 x 120 kg, 2 x 100 kg.
 - Sensors:


[Active infrared]
[Contact-free hand switch]
[Manual hand switch]
[Passive infrared]

   Safety facility:

[Combined detector and alarm]
[Dynamic safety]
[Static safety]


[Electromechanical lock (bistable lock) with feedback]
[Emergency 'OFF' switch flush mounted]
[Emergency 'OFF' switch surface mounted]
[Monitored battery module]
For emergency power supply.
[Three position operating mode switch]
Mounted in plastic case.
[User interface with six operating modes and fault display]
45 x 45 mm suitable for Legrand system.

Manufacturer details

Unit 1, Shepperton Business Park,
Govett Avenue,
Shepperton, TW17 8BA
Tel +44 (0)1932 238040
Fax +44 (0)1932 238055
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