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Commodity blocks range:

- Ashlite:

Solid form, medium density concrete block manufactured from 100% recycled aggregate conserving valuable sources of primary material.

Ashlite combines good all round technical performance with a high content of recycled material.

- Fibo 850:

Ultra lightweight, loadbearing units, suitable for general purpose walling applications. Ideal for use in housing and extensions. Manufactured from expanded clay aggregate and a mixture of other naturally occurring raw materials and cement. Clay selection and the manufacturing process make Fibo 850 incredibly light and thermally efficient.

- Lignacite:

A range of fine textured, loadbearing and non-loadbearing units, suitable for facing and general purpose applications. Available fair faced, standard and paint grade. Lignacite SP is available in a 140mm width solid block. It consists of a specially formulated mix which reduces the block density to produce a solid block under 20 kg unit weight. It is available in all grades. There is a slight colour difference between the traditional block and the Lignacite SP.

- Lignacrete:

A range of high density, robust, loadbearing units, suitable for internal and external walls. For total design flexibility select from a range of sizes, strengths and finishes. They have excellent levels of sound insulation and high strength capability, making them suitable for use in separating and partition walls. Available fair faced, standard and paint grade.


Suitable for a range of walling applications, including inner leaf of cavity walls when used with cavity insulation, separating or partition walls, infill blocks in beam and block flooring systems and can also be used externally where rendering or cladding is to be applied to the wall.

  • Inner and outer leaves of external cavity walls.
  • Internal walls, including fire break walls.
  • Separating walls including those conforming to Robust Detail specifications.
  • External and internal walls below ground (7.3 N/mm² strength blocks should be used to walls exposed to the external ground).
  • Infill units to beam and block flooring.


Ashlite blocks are BSI Kitemarked approved to BS EN 771-3. They are Category 1 masonry units.

Sound insulation:

Commodity blocks provide excellent levels of sound insulation between buildings and adjoining rooms. They can be used in party wall constructions, based on lightweight blockwork specifications, detailed in Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document E and also Robust Details E-WM-2, 4, 8, 11, 14, 17, 19, 20 and 21.

Movement control:

Movement joints should be considered in accordance with PD 6697 at approximately 6 m spacing. In areas of concentrated stress, such as those above and below openings, consideration should be given to the use of bed joint masonry reinforcement.


The mortar type for work above ground level should be designation (iii) / Compressive Class M4. Stronger mixes may be used only with the permission of the designer. Stronger mixes may also be required for work below ground in accordance with PP 6697.

Related literature

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Standard product features

Face size:

440 x 215 mm.

Dry density (net):

  • Ashlite: 1450 kg/m³.
  • Fibo 850: 850 kg/m³.
  • Lignacite: 1570 kg/m³. (Lignacite GP and SP: 1450 kg/m³ ).
  • Lignacrete: < 20.0N/mm²: 2000 kg/m³, > 20.0N/mm²: 2100 kg/m³.

Thermal conductivity:

  • Ashlite: Internal: 0.47 W/mK, External: 0.51 W/mK.
  • Fibo 850: Internal: 0.31 W/mK, External: 0.38 W/mK.
  • Lignacite: 0.90 W/mK. (Lignacite GP and SP: 0.79 W/mK).
  • Lignacrete: Internal: 1.33 W/mK, External: 1.43 W/mK.

Thermal resistance:

- Ashlite:

  • 100 mm width: 0.212 m²K/W at 3% m/c, 0.196 m²K/W at 5% m/c.
  • 140 mm width: 0.298 m²K/W at 3% m/c, 0.274 m²K/W at 5% m/c.

- Fibo 850:

  • 100 mm width: 0.32 m²K/W at 3% m/c, 0.29 m²K/W at 5% m/c.
  • 140 mm width: 0.45 m²K/W at 3% m/c, 0.41 m²K/W at 5% m/c.

- Lignacite:

  • 100 mm width: 0.111 m²K/W at 3% m/c, 0.103 m²K/W at 5% m/c.
  • 140 mm width: 0.177 m²K/W at 3% m/c, 0.167 m²K/W at 5% m/c. Cellular and hollow blocks: 0.210 m²K/W at 3% m/c, 0.200 m²K/W at 5% m/c.

- Lignacrete:

  • 100 mm width: 0.075 m²K/W at 3% m/c, 0.070 m²K/W at 5% m/c.
  • 140 mm width: 0.105 m²K/W at 3% m/c, 0.098 m²K/W at 5% m/c. Cellular and hollow blocks: 0.162 m²K/W at 3% m/c, 0.155 m²K/W at 5% m/c.

Sound reduction:

Varies depending on type of block, consult technical literature for details.

Fire resistance to BS EN 13501-1:

Class A1. Up to 4 hours depending on width and whether loadbearing or non-loadbearing. Consult technical literature for exact details.

Air tightness:

- Lignacite:

  • 100 mm solid (bare): 4.17 m³/hr/m², 100 mm solid (painted): 0.34 m³/hr/m².
  • 140 mm SP (bare): 4.62 m³/hr/m², 140 mm SP (painted): 0.17 m³/hr/m².

- Lignacrete:

  • 100 mm solid block (with emulsion paint both sides): 0.48 m³/hr/m².
  • 140 mm SP block (with emulsion paint both sides): 0.97 m³/hr/m².


Solid blocks: Group 1. Cellular and hollow blocks: Group 2.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-80-50/300 Aggregate concrete blocks

Product specification

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Product reference

[Ashlite Commodity Block]
Medium to dark grey in colour with a granular surface texture suitable for plastering and rendering.
[Fibo 850 Commodity Block]
Has an open textured surface which is ideal for applying plaster/ render.
[Lignacite Commodity Blocks, Standard]
Medium grey in colour with a fine textured surface.
[Lignacite Commodity Blocks, Paint Grade]
For use as a background for direct painting.
[Lignacite Commodity Blocks, Fair Faced]
Offers consistent colour and close textured block face.
[Lignacrete Commodity Blocks, Standard]
Medium grey to buff with a texture suitable for plastering/ rendering.
[Lignacrete Commodity Blocks, Paint Grade]
Medium grey to buff with a texture suitable for directly painting on.
[Lignacrete Commodity Blocks, Fair Faced]
Natural in colour and made to order.


Lignacrete and Lignacite commodity blocks.
Lignacrete and Lignacite commodity blocks.



Compressive strength (mean value)

Ashlite, Fibo 850, Lignacite commodity blocks.
Ashlite, Lignacrete, Lignacite commodity blocks.
Ashlite, Lignacrete, Lignacite commodity blocks.
Lignacrete only.
Lignacrete only.
Lignacrete only.

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