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Facing Masonry Reinforced Concrete Beam Lintels to BS EN 845–2:2003.

Rectangular in cross-section and the top of the units are marked to assist with the correct on-site handling and insitu building-in.

The lintels require 215 mm long end bearings at both ends. Therefore to calculate the overall length of a lintel 430 mm (2 x 215 mm) should be added to the structural opening dimension.

Units are frost resistant when built in accordance with PD 6697 and have a coating reference C1 unless otherwise ordered.

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Standard product features


215 mm.

Fire resistance:

  • 90 and 100 mm wide: 0.5 hours (except Sahara which is 1 hour).
  • 140 mm wide: 1.0 hour (except Sahara which is 1.5 hours).

Thermal conductivity (BS EN 1745):

  • Original facing masonry: 1.43 W/mK at 3% m/c. 1.53 at 5% m/c.
  • Riverbed: 1.33 W/mK at 3% m/c. 1.43 at 5% m/c.
  • Lignastone: 1.25 W/mK at 3% m/c. 1.35 at 5% m/c.
  • Sahara: 1.39 W/mK at 3% m/c. 1.49 at 5% m/c.

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45-80-50/404 Precast concrete lintels

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Lintels Facing Masonry


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