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The Cassette Type Damper allows simple and rapid duct installation in small spaces, along with good access during commissioning and servicing.

  • Sliding cold smoke shutter module allows easy access for servicing.
  • Easy installation of damper into fire compartment boundary.
  • Shutter plates tolerate a pressure differential of 300 Pa.
  • Low cold smoke leakage rates.
  • May be used purely as a cold smoke damper by excluding the fire damper.
  • The sliding cold smoke containment shutter module allows easy removal of the entire plate and actuator assembly during servicing without affecting the fire stopping performance of the fire damper.

This system has been designed to control up to 16 damper/ shutter assemblies from one centralised, status monitoring unit.

  • It is fail-safe – the dampers/ shutters automatically close in event of an alarm, power failure or wire damage.
  • Resets automatically – when alarm is cancelled or power restored.
  • Self-testing – every 24 hours the dampers/ shutters are automatically closed and opened to ensure they are working, dislodging any dust/ debris.
  • Continuously monitors status of each damper/ shutter and displays this on the DCM.
  • Easy and quick to install – simple loop wiring used and the damper/shutter units are supplied ready assembled and tested.
  • Controlled by ‘Talkback’ system giving status data and auto-cycling.
  • Can incorporate either LVH44 or LVH54 fire dampers - LVH54 fire damper will give at least 240 minutes fire resistance and 30 minutes insulation or an LVH44 will provide a more modest fire resistance period.

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90-45-25/420 Fire and smoke dampers

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Cassette Type Damper

Fire damper

Provides at least 240 minutes fire resistance and 30 minutes insulation.
Provides a more modest fire resistance period.

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