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Three seals in one - Lorient's complete solution for acoustic, smoke, fire and thermal containment, and accessibility, to meet the requirements of Approved Documents B, E and M.

With elastomeric fins on both edges of the seal, the DS is designed to ensure continuous sealing at ironmongery points - essential for effective smoke and acoustic containment. The DS is supplied with black fins, and is available in a range of standard colours - to blend or contrast with surroundings as required.

Proven acoustic performance of 31 dB Rw (when tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995, on a typical fire rated door construction, installed with LAS8001 si automatic threshold seal). Please refer to the door manufacturers’ fire test evidence to select the correct seal size and combination.

Four different seals available:

10 x 4 mm Ref: LP1004DS:

Can provide up to 30 minutes fire resistance. Two parallel seals (in separate grooves) can provide 60 minutes fire resistance in hardwood constructions.

15 x 4 mm Ref: LP1504DS:

Designed for softwood constructions or where the gap between the door and the frame is greater than usual.

20 x 4 mm Ref: LP2004DS:

Can provide 60 minutes fire resistance and can be notched to fit around hinges.

25 x 4 mm Ref: LP2504DS:

These large seals can help control door distortion.

The DS profile is supplied with black fins.

Standard product features

Acoustic performance (standard architectural solid core door):

  • Weighted Sound Reduction (Rw): 31 dB.
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC): 31 dB.



Other lengths are available to special order. Lorient can also produce fire seals ranging from 10–70 mm wide and from 2.5–15 mm deep.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-75-40/430 Door and window weatherstrips and seals

Product specification

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Lorient Polyproducts Ltd


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Product reference

[High Performance DS Acoustic, Smoke and Fire Seal Ref: LP1004DS]
10 x 4 mm.
[High Performance DS Acoustic, Smoke and Fire Seal Ref: LP1504DS]
15 x 4 mm.
[High Performance DS Acoustic, Smoke and Fire Seal Ref: LP2004DS]
20 x 4 mm.
[High Performance DS Acoustic, Smoke and Fire Seal Ref: LP2504DS]
25 x 4 mm.
 - Length:
[1000 mm]
[2100 mm]


 - Standard range:
[Dark brown]
[Light brown]
 - Superluxe Woodgrain finish:
[American black walnut]
[American cherry]
[American sycamore]
[American white oak]
[European walnut]
[Limed oak]
[Medium oak]
 - Superluxe metallic finishes:
[Bright polished chrome]
[Satin anodized aluminium]
[Satin stainless steel]

Manufacturer details

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Fairfax Road,
Heathfield Industrial Estate,
Newton Abbot,
Devon, TQ12 6UD
Tel +44 (0)1626 834252
Fax +44 (0)1626 833166
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