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A slimline face-fixed automatic drop seal with a curved cover plate for enhanced aesthetics. It features a high efficiency mechanism, which lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened by a few millimetres; resulting in lower door operating forces.

Requires no power connection. Self-levelling on uneven floors, seal height can be adjusted independently of fixing screws. Suitable for upgrading existing doors.

  • The seal provides a barrier to sound, smoke, draughts and dust, light, fire and insects.
  • Durable flexible elastomeric fin elements are incorporated with the housing to provide acoustic and smoke properties.
  • Tested for acoustic performance with BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010.
  • Meets the smoke leakage performance requirements of BS 9999 and is used for sealing the threshold of door assemblies against leakage of ambient temperature smoke, as defined inBS 476: Part 31.1: 1983.
  • Suitable for fire doors up to 60 minutes under conditions of BS 476: Pt.20/22: 1987 and BS EN 1634-1: 2014.
  • Tested for reliability, the seal completed 1 000 000 cycles without failure.

Standard product features


  • Single swing doors. For use on both right and left handed doors.
  • Use with any perimeter seal.
  • Use with any threshold plate.


65 mm high (excluding seal in dropped position) x 14 mm wide.

Minimum/ maximum gap size:

1 mm/ 13 mm.

Acoustic performance:

Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw): 31 dB.



Special colours can be supplied using a powdercoated finish for additional aesthetics.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-75-40/430 Door and window weatherstrips and seals

Product specification

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Lorient Polyproducts Ltd


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Product reference

LAS8008 si Drop Seal


78 x 14 mm


[335 mm]
[435 mm]
[535 mm]
[635 mm]
[735 mm]
[835 mm]
[935 mm]
[1035 mm]
[1135 mm]
[1235 mm]


 - Material:
[Black silicone rubber]
[Grey silicone rubber]


[Black anodized aluminium]
On request. Consult manufacturer for details.
[Bronze anodized aluminium cover plate black end caps and black silicone rubber gasket]
[Light bronze anodized aluminium]
On request. Consult manufacturer for details.
On request. Consult manufacturer for details.
[Silver anodized aluminium cover plate with grey end caps and grey silicone rubber]

Manufacturer details

Endeavour House,
Fairfax Road,
Heathfield Industrial Estate,
Newton Abbot,
Devon, TQ12 6UD
Tel +44 (0)1626 834252
Fax +44 (0)1626 833166
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