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A high performance intumescent duct damper developed to meet BS ISO 10294-5 - the new international standard for intumescent dampers in duct applications.

The LVH54 offers excellent airflow characteristics (approximately 60% free area), is resistant to clogging, and has no moving parts – so it provides consistent performance, and requires virtually no maintenance. Suitable for vertical applications.

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Standard product features


  • Zintec steel frame and stainless steel slat covering, suitable for use in harsh duct environments, including high humidity applications.
  • Graphite-based intumescent material.


54 mm.

Performance (BS ISO 10294-5):

  • Formation of complete seal: <2 minutes.
  • Pressure differential across damper: 300Pa.
  • Fire integrity: Four hours.

NBS Specification

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90-45-25/445 Intumescent fire and smoke dampers

Product specification

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LVH54 Intumescent Duct Damper


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