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Oriented Strand Boards (OSB), SterlingOSB Zero (OSB3) cut to size with a customer groove pre-inserted specially for C-stud dry lining applications. With no voids or weak spots, and zero added formaldehyde, SterlingOSB StrongFix is an ideal choice over traditional plywood.

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Standard product features


18 mm.

Board size:

2440 x 597 mm - square edge.

Technical properties:

  • Oriented strand board to BS EN 300, Type OSB3.
  • Density: 620–640 kg/m³.
  • Zero-added formaldehyde.
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.13 W/m·K.
  • Linear expansion: 0.15%, at 65–85% relative humidity.
  • Meets the E1 requirements as stated in BS EN 13986 or BS EN 300, Class 1.
  • Reaction to fire (BS EN 13501-1): Class D.
  • Tongue and groove boards have an expansion gap included in the joint. A 10 mm expansion gap, or a total of 2 mm per metre of boarding, (whichever is the greater), must be left at perimeters and upstands for both square edged and T&G panels.
  • Provides secure anchorage areas for fixtures and fittings in metal C-stud dry lining applications.
  • Precision machined SterlingOSB 3 – with a custom groove to fit standard metal C-stud frames with 600 mm centres.
  • Provides a strong fixing point for fixtures and fittings up to 400 kg anywhere on the panel.
  • Meets BS 5234-2 requirements.
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use.

NBS Specification

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45-45-95/465 Oriented strand board

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SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix

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