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A highly engineered, full height, flush fronted glass toilet cubicle system that has been developed for the commercial washroom sector. Manufactured using toughened and laminated safety glass, machined components and aluminium extrusions.


  • Designed to be full height with a max floor to ceiling height of 2700 mm.
  • Available in 16 standard colours, non-standard colours are available on request.
  • 15.52 mm thick toughened and laminated glass to doors and pilasters.
  • Low iron Opti-white glass as standard, giving a true colour representation.
  • Unique glass rebated feature ensuring a flush finish eliminating sight lines.
  • Engineered and adjustable self-closing hinges.
  • Hinges are spring loaded with automatic opening or closing function.
  • Machined lock with concealed fixings and emergency release mechanism.

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Standard product features

Floor clearance:

Not applicable - panels fitted into floor channel.

End panels, pilasters and doors:

15.52 mm toughened and laminated Opti-white glass.


  • Type: Aluminium extrusions.
  • Finish: Satin anodized to 25 microns.
  • Colour: Silver.
  • Division panels are attached through hinge/ bracket using aluminium fittings with eccentric adjustment feature.

Door handles:

Satin anodized aluminium (manufacturer's standard).


All edges polished, exposed corners with small radius.

Door fittings / ironmongery:

  • Satin anodized rotating finger lock fixed though door with concealed fixings with outside indicator and emergency release function.
  • Satin anodized aluminium coat hooks with integral rubber buffer.



Consult manufacturer for further details.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
25-05-60/160 Panel cubicle system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Prospec Ltd


+44 (0)1709 377147

Product reference

Cloud - Glass

Cubicle height (overall)

2500 mm - Standard.

Partition panels

[10 mm toughened float glass]
[10.76 mm toughened and laminated Opti-white glass]

Colour/ Finish

 - End panels/ Pilasters:
[Opaque ceramic painted glass, colour]
Insert requirement.
[Translucent ceramic etched glass]
 - Partition panels:
[Opaque ceramic painted glass, colour]
Insert requirement.
[Translucent ceramic etched glass]
 - Doors:
[Opaque ceramic painted glass, colour]
Insert requirement.
[Translucent ceramic etched glass]
 - Swing:
[Inward opening]
[Outward opening]
Includes satin anodized pull handle.
[As drawing]

DDA/ Ambulant cubicle provision

[Not required]
[DDA compliant handle set with lever action turn]
[Horizontal grab rails]
[Two coat hooks to DDA compliant cubicles]
[Vertical grab rails]


[Not required]
[Integral 12 mm Compact Grade Laminate bench seats]
Standard for all changing cubicles.
[Postformed 12 mm Compact Grade Laminate bench seats]

Duct system

[Not required]
[Trojan aluminium framed access panel system]
To be specified separately.


[Not required]
Insert requirements.
[Double back to back towel rail]
[External towel rail with internal doorknob]
[Quadrant glass corner shelves with drilled holes]
[Single external towel rail]

Manufacturer details

Prospec Ltd,
Canklow Meadows Industrial Estate,
West Bawtry Road,
South Yorkshire, S60 2XL
Tel +44 (0)1709 377147
Fax +44 (0)1709 375239
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