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Cladding Roll U/F is a non-combustible, water repellent, rot proof lightweight stone fibre flexible insulation, supplied in compression wrapped rolls offering excellent thermal, acoustic and fire performance. The product has a bright reinforced aluminium foil facing to provide a very high tensile strength and is therefore particularly suitable for vertical applications in industrial cladding systems.

Rockwool Cladding Roll A/F is CE and Key marked in accordance with BS EN 13162.

Non-combustible, achieving a classification of A1 in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 (LPCB approved - cert. 022e).

Rockwool insulation products do not contain blowing agents with an ozone depletion potential (ODP) or global warming potential (GWP), are CFC-HCFC-HFC free and 97% recyclable. They will not react with metal components or cause loss of plasticiser from PVC cables and pipes.

Standard product features

Insulation type:

Stone wool.


1000 mm.

Thickness/ Roll length:

  • 100 x 4800 mm.
  • 120 x 4000 mm.
  • 150 x 3200 mm.
  • 160 x 3000 mm.
  • 180 x 2700 mm.

NBS Specification

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45-45-70/355 Mineral wool insulation

Product specification

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+44 (0)1656 862621

Product reference

Cladding Roll A/F


[100 mm]
[120 mm]
[150 mm]
[160 mm]
[180 mm]

Manufacturer details

14th Floor, Chiswick Tower,
389 Chiswick High Road,
London, W4 4AJ
Tel +44 (0)1656 862621
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