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Pre-packed, polymer-modified mortar for bedding and bonding. It is suitable for interior and exterior bonding and bedding of components such as brick slips, kerbs and copings to concrete, render and brick.


  • Compressive strength: >50 N/mm² after 28 days.
  • Bond strength: >1.5 N/mm² (in excess of tensile strength of concrete).
  • Shrinkage: 0.01%.
  • Thermal coefficient of expansion similar to concrete.
  • Waterproof and frost proof.


  • Prepare substrate in accordance with instructions.
  • Prime substrate with Ronacrete Standard Primer.
  • Apply mortar to wet or tacky primer, minimum layer thickness 6 mm.
  • Prime the slip/ coping/ kerb with Ronacrete Standard Primer.
  • Support as necessary until mortar has gained strength.

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45-55-50/335 Paving laying course mortar
45-55-50/300 Brick slip adhesive mortar
45-55-50/302 Cement gauged designed mix mortar

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RonaBond Bedding Mortar

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