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The Sandtoft 'Profile' dry ventilated ridge fixing system provides a mechanically fixed, continuous vent with a traditional appearance. The system is compatible with gas flue terminals when used with a gas flue conversion pack. The dry ventilated ridge pack consists of ventilation units (with profile fillers for profiled tiles), ridge unions, stainless steel 100 mm drive screws with neoprene seals and galvanized steel ridge batten straps. Gable ends are formed using block end ridge tiles.

The Profile dry fixing system is available for many of the Sandtoft slate and plain and profiled tile ranges. Consult manufacturer for relevant product ranges.

Standard product features


5000 mm² per side.

2.7 m packs.


Ridge unions:

Legged Angle or Half-Round to match ridge tile.

NBS Specification

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45-80-90/376 Dry fixing ridges

Product specification

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Sandtoft Roof Tiles


+44 (0)161 4918200

Product reference

Profile dry ridge fixing system

Ridge unions

[Legged Angle (concrete range)]
[Half-Round (clay range)]
[Half-Round (concrete range)]
[To suit ridge tile]
[Contractor’s choice]

Profile fillers

[Not required]
[To match tile profile]
[Contractor’s choice]

Manufacturer details

Belton Road,
Doncaster, DN8 5SY
Tel +44 (0)161 4918200
Fax +44 (0)161 4916213
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