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Mid-range, horizontal sliding (HS) secondary glazing unit with robust but slender framing sections. Available with two, three or four sliding sash options. Designed to be removable to provide easy access to the outer window, facilitating cleaning and maintenance.

All fixings are concealed within the frame, which may be linked to other frames with a colour-matched mullion/ transom section.

Fitted with high performance brush seals that will almost eliminate drafts and ensure greater comfort near the window.

Suitable for listed buildings where the primary glazing cannot be changed. It is a reversible adaptation, so generally accepted by heritage agencies.


Blast tested to ISO 16933 Classification code EXV 33 (two pane only).

Standard product features


- Material:

Extruded aluminium alloy 6063-T6.

- Style:



- Handles:

H3 recessed finger pull, colour matched to frame.

- Running gear:

Stainless steel ball races.



Single sash maximum width: 1500 mm. Sash height to width ratio should not normally exceed 4:1.

- Maximum frame sizes (h x w):

  • Horizontal sliding, two pane: 2400 x 3000 mm.
  • Horizontal sliding, three pane: 2400 x 4500 mm.

- Minimum frame size (h x w):

350 x 250 mm.

Thermal performance:

Values of <2.9 W/m²K available; consult manufacturer for details.


- Locks:

Can be fitted with a lockable fitch catch and glazed with a laminated glass which will provide some resistance to forced entry - consult manufacturer for details.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
25-90-35/150 Putty-fronted single glazing system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Selectaglaze Ltd


+44 (0)1727 837271

Product reference

Series 15 Mid-range Horizontal Sliding (HS)


[As primary window designs/ sightlines]
[Horizontal sliding, two pane]
[Horizontal sliding, three pane]
[Horizontal sliding, three pane, centre]


[As drawing]
Insert details.
[As schedule]
Insert details.

Acoustic performance

[ ______ ]

Thermal performance

[ ______ ]

Blast performance

[Not required]
[ISO 16933 EXV 33]
Horizontal sliding, two pane only.


 - Finish:
[Anodizing, Analok bronze AA25]
[Anodizing, Analok silver AA10]
[Polyester powder-coating, HIPCA 9910 semi-gloss white]
[Polyester powder-coating, RAL]
Insert RAL colour.
[Wood grain effect]
 - Gloss level:
[Not required]
[High gloss]


 - Type:
[Laminated, low-E]
[Toughened, low-E]
 - Thickness:
[4 mm]
[6 mm]
[6.4 mm]
[6.8 mm]
[7.5 mm]
[8 mm]
[8.8 mm]
 - Gasket:


 - Locks:
[Not required]
[L2 fitch catch (lockable), black]
[L2 fitch catch (lockable), brushed steel]
[L2 fitch catch (lockable), gold]
[L2 fitch catch (lockable), polished chrome]
[L2 fitch catch (lockable), white]
[L24 S15/25 sliding latch, colour matched to frame]

Trickle ventilators

[Not required]
[Over the frame acoustic ventilator]
[Over the frame standard ventilator]

Acoustic reveal linings

[Not required]
[Vinyl faced acoustic foam]

Manufacturer details

Alban Park,
Hatfield Road,
St Albans,
Hertfordshire, AL4 0JJ
Tel +44 (0)1727 837271
Fax +44 (0)1727 844053
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