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Heavy-duty lift-out (LO) secondary glazing unit suitable for treating large or curved windows which are rarely opened but need occasional access. Supports thicker glass for higher noise insulation.

Lift-outs can be used in combination with other window styles as side lights, over lights or fitted to large rectangular windows behind bulkheads. Rectangular frames may be linked with a colour matched aluminium transom/ mullion section. Release of the catches allows the panel to be removed for occasional cleaning and maintenance.

Will reduce heat loss by up to 50% using standard glass, and by up to 65% with a thermally efficient glass (low emissivity). High performance compression seals will almost eliminate drafts and ensure much greater comfort near the window.


  • Blast tested to ISO 16933 Classification code EXV 33.
  • Secured by Design accredited.

Standard product features


- Material:

Extruded aluminium alloy 6063-T6.

- Style:




  • Sash, minimum (h x w): 700 x 450 mm.
  • Sash, maximum (h x w): 2400 x 1200 mm.
  • Curved head or jamb minimum radius: 450 mm.
  • Curved on plan minimum radius: 1800 mm.

Thermal performance:

Values of <2.9 W/m²K available; consult manufacturer for details.


- Handles:

  • H6 Slimline handle (lockable), black.
  • H6 Slimline handle (lockable), gold.
  • H6 Slimline handle (lockable), polished chrome.
  • H6 Slimline handle (lockable), satin chrome.
  • H6 Slimline handle (lockable), white.
  • H7 Non-locking handle, colour matched to frame, standard.
  • H8 Lockable handle, black.
  • H8 Lockable handle, white.
  • H9 Rosette (square drive/removable key), colour matched to frame.
  • H12 Peardrop handle (Allen key lockable), black.
  • H12 Peardrop handle (Allen key lockable), polished brass.
  • H12 Peardrop handle (Allen key lockable), polished chrome.
  • H15 Reeded handle (Allen key lockable), black.
  • H15 Reeded handle (Allen key lockable), polished brass.
  • H15 Reeded handle (Allen key lockable), polished chrome.
  • H15 Reeded handle (Allen key lockable), satin chrome.
  • H16 Monkeytail handle (Allen key lockable), black.
  • H18 Vivo low profile handle, colour matched to frame.
  • H18 Vivo low profile handle, polished chrome.
  • H18 Vivo low profile handle, satin chrome.
  • H21 Flush lock with cover disk, colour matched to frame.
  • H22 Flush lock with security cover plate, colour matched to frame.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
25-90-35/150 Putty-fronted single glazing system

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS clauses:

Product specification

An important note about specifying



Selectaglaze Ltd


+44 (0)1727 837271

Product reference

Series 41 heavy-duty lift-out (LO)


[As primary window designs/ sightlines]
[Two pane, vertical sliding]


[As drawing]
Insert details.
[As schedule]
Insert details.

Acoustic performance

[ ______ ]

Thermal performance

[ ______ ]


 - Finish:
[Anodizing, Analok bronze AA25]
[Anodizing, Analok silver AA10]
[Polyester powder-coating, HIPCA 9910 semi-gloss white]
[Polyester powder-coating, RAL]
Insert RAL colour.
[Wood grain effect]
 - Gloss level:
[Not required]
[High gloss]


 - Type:
[Laminated, low-E]
[Toughened, low-E]
 - Thickness:
[6 mm]
[6.4 mm]
[6.8 mm]
[7.5 mm]
[8 mm]
[8.8 mm]
[9.5 mm]
[10 mm]
[10.8 mm]
[11.3 mm]
[11.5 mm]
[12 mm]
[24 mm (sealed unit)]
[28 mm (sealed unit)]
Between glass blinds only.
 - Gasket:


 - Handles:
[ ______ ]
 - Locks:
[Not required]
[L7 spring catch, white]
[L7 spring catch, satin chrome]
[L15 multipoint locking single casement (SBD/ EXV 33)]
[L25 multipoint locking double casement (SBD)]
[L29 Sprung restrictor stay]

Trickle ventilators

[Not required]
[Over the frame acoustic ventilator]
[Over the frame standard ventilator]

Acoustic reveal linings

[Not required]
[Vinyl faced acoustic foam]

Manufacturer details

Alban Park,
Hatfield Road,
St Albans,
Hertfordshire, AL4 0JJ
Tel +44 (0)1727 837271
Fax +44 (0)1727 844053
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