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Bituthene® 8000 HC is an advanced self-adhesive, solar reflective, flexible water and vapour proof membrane, designed for sub-structures in hot climates. It can be used horizontally or vertically to protect basements and other critical sub-structures from the effects of aggressive ground conditions and water tables.


Monolithic concrete blinding is preferred which should be regular, smooth and free of loose aggregate and sharp protrusions.


Brush the membrane onto the surface to ensure good initial bond and exclude air.

Joint laps:

Minimum laps of 50 mm are recommended.

Standard product features


1.5 mm.



Bituthene® Primer B1 is used to prepare vertical and sloping surfaces and suspended slabs.

Continuity sealant:

Bituthene® LM is a high performance liquid membrane providing waterproof continuity at angles and for detailing terminations at pile caps and pipe penetrations.

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45-65-50/304 Bitumen sheets

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Bituthene® 8000 HC


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Continuity sealant

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