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Grace Ice and Water Shield® is a self-adhesive roofing underlay for roof leak protection or sloping timber roofs. The membrane is composed of two waterproofing materials - an aggressive rubber bitumen adhesive backed by a layer of cross laminated HDPE. The rubber bitumen surface is backed with a release paper that protects its adhesive quality.

The underlay must be fully supported by the substrate. Suitable substrates include plywood, wood composition, wood plank, metal, concrete, or gypsum sheathing.


Substrates must be clean, dry and continuous. Dust, dirt, loose nails and old roofing materials must be removed. Protrusions from the deck area must be removed. Decks are to have no voids. Damaged or unsupported areas are to be removed before installing the membrane.

Maximum recommended exposure to sunlight is 60 days.

Standard product features


  • Seals around nails and resists leakage caused by water back-up.
  • Two waterproofing barriers provide maximum protection.
  • Resistant to attacks from fungus and bacteria.


1.02 mm.


1.3 kg/m².

Tensile strength:

1720 kN/m².

Low temperature flexibility:

Unaffected at -29°C.



Apply Bituthene® Primer B1 to concrete and masonry surfaces at a rate of 10 m² per litre. Priming is not required for other suitable surfaces provided they are clean and dry.

NBS Specification

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45-65-50/304 Bitumen sheets

Product specification

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Grace Ice and Water Shield®

Primer to substrate

[Not required]
[Bituthene® Primer B1 at 10 m²/L]

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