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Waterproof membrane composite sheets comprising a robust HPDE backing, a pressure sensitive adhesive and a trafficable weather resistant coating with dual adhesive Preprufe® ZipLap™ for added security. GCP has combined its proven Advanced Bond Technology™ together with more than 20 years of major project experience to produce its highest performing waterproofing membrane with even more practical and economic benefits.

The membranes develop a continuous adhesive bond to concrete poured against it. This forms micro-compartments to prevent water migration between the structure and the membrane, substantially reducing the risk of leaks.

For typical use with concrete slab sections up to 350 mm thick, and vertically with single and double sided formwork.

Suitable substrates:

  • Concrete blinding.
  • Well compacted sand on rolled crushed stone.
  • Rigid insulation.
  • Clay heave boards.
  • Permanent formwork.
  • Removable formwork.
  • 19 mm plywood.
  • Hydroduct drainage sheets.
  • Adjacent sub-structures.

Substrates must be regular and smooth with no gaps or voids greater than 12 mm. They must be sound to eliminate movement during the concrete pour.

System components:

Can be used in conjunction with:

  • Preprufe® Tape: Incorporating Preprufe® coating for continuous concrete adhesion at laps and detail.
  • Bituthene® LM: High performance liquid membrane for detailing terminations at pile caps and pipe penetrations.
  • Adcor® 500S/ 500T: Hydro-expansive waterstop for concrete construction joints.
  • Adcor® 550MI/ 550 T-MI: Hydro-expansive injectable waterstop for added security of concrete construction joints.

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Standard product features


0.8 mm.

Roll size:

1.17 x 36.5 m.

Technical properties:

  • Adhesion to concrete (to BS EN 1372): 2.88 N/mm.
  • Shear strength of joints (to BS EN 12317-2): 14.5 N/mm
  • Hydrostatic head resistance (to ASTM D5385): >70 m.
  • Puncture resistance: 445 N.


Joint laps:

Minimum laps of 75 mm are recommended.

NBS Specification

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Preprufe® 160R Plus

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