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A pre-blended, ready to use, ultra hard wearing, very high density, coloured metallic dry shake topping for monolithic floors. It is formulated from dry cement powder, ferro-silicon metallic alloy aggregate containing titanium, compatible admixtures and pigment. Sprinkled onto and floated into fresh wet concrete floors, then power floated and power trowelled in the normal way, Sikafloor® - 1 MetalTop forms an exceptionally durable, smooth, slip resistant surface.

The result is a low maintenance wearing surface that is 'designed' for use as a ‘long life’ floor in warehouses, factories, workshops, sorting offices, electronics, transport termini, retail units etc.

Standard product features

When sealed Sikafloor® – 1 MetalTop is resistant to a large range of chemicals, as well as most oils, cleaning materials and solvents (call manufacturer for details). It is non-flammable, non-toxic in fire and its alloy particles are non-sparking.

Sikafloor® – 1 MetalTop conforms to BS 8204:Part 2 Special Class.

Sikafloor® – 1 MetalTop should be sealed immediately after finishing, using Sikafloor® – ProSeal (formerly Armorex Proseal) - a clear acrylic resin polymer solution which impregnates, cures and hardens the concrete surface.

NBS Specification

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45-35-88/415 Surface hardeners

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Sikafloor® – 1 MetalTop Metallic Dry Shake Floor Hardener




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