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4880 Roller Blind System is a wall, ceiling or recessed mounted, electrically operated roller blind, based on the 4840 System, designed for very heavy duty applications. It is made to measure and supplied ready assembled.

Varied fixing possibilities to wall, ceiling or recess are available. It has easy front loading into snap brackets and bracket covers are available for neater appearance outside recess.

Motor position is preferably situated on the left side. Blind size is determined by overall size and fabric weight.

For systems under 4000 mm wide, on-site adjustment of the headrail is available to prevent rolling-off caused by minor fabric problems. Optional side guide wires are available.

The blinds incorporate a stainless steel bracket set with vertical adjustment facility. Pre-fitted hook-on stainless steel plates take the weight of the blind whilst the fitters carry out final positioning of the brackets. The latter are each adjustable sideways by up to 18 mm. The blind is then conventionally fitted from below (especially important in a blind box situation).

Headrail support tube:

  • Ref 4901: Dimensions – 80 mm diameter; maximum 4000 mm wide.
  • Ref 4957: Dimensions – 110 mm diameter; for systems over 4000 mm wide.

System type:

  • Single: Complete with end brackets and support covers.
  • Double system: Complete with end and centre brackets, end brackets support cover and centre brackets support covers.

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Standard product features


Support tube material/ colour: Silver anodized aluminium.

Side guide wires:

System includes: Top fastener Ref 4946, Wire rope Ref 4948, Bracket Ref 3036 and Bottom fastener Ref 4947.


Blind dimensions

  • Maximum width: 5000 mm.
  • Maximum drop: 12000 mm.
  • Maximum surface area: 36 m².

Blind material and colour:

  • A wide range of Silent Gliss® fabrics is available; select from SG range. Consult manufacturer for details.
  • Blind size is determined by overall size and fabric weight.

Wall switch:

Non-latching white plastic switch available in one, two, three, four, five and six gang options; consult manufacturer for details.

NBS Specification

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45-25-10/360 Roller blinds

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Product reference

4880 Roller Blind System


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Blind material/ Colour

As schedule ___

Bottom bar material/ Colour

[White powder coated aluminium]
Standard version.
[Black anodized aluminium]
[Silver anodized aluminium]


 - Type:
[230V/ 50 Hz]
[115V/ 60 Hz]
 - Operation:
[Radio Remote Control System]
[Wall mounted white plastic switch]


[Not required]
[Bracket cover (for 3134) Ref 3133]
[Extended bottom bracket for side guide wire Ref 3134]
[Side guide wires]

Manufacturer details

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Poorhole Lane,
Kent, CT10 2PT
Tel +44 (0)1843 863571
Fax +44 (0)1843 864503
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