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5300 Electric Curtain Track System is a wall or ceiling mounted, three channel track for medium to heavy weight curtains, designed for commercial and professional use.


  • Track Ref 5301.
  • Motor type AA Ref 5360.
  • Infra-Red Remote Control System Ref 5760.


  • Can be bent to 500 mm radius (minimum).
  • For curtains up to 74 kg in weight.
  • Stacking: Multiple and asymmetric applications.
  • Unlimited overlapping of the curtains is possible without the need for an overlap arm.
  • Motor can be hidden by curtain or can be positioned above track profile in suspended ceilings.
  • Curtain travel speed: 300 mm/ second.

Switch control:

All electric controlled systems can be controlled by a white plastic wall mounted switch. When using fixed switches only, where more than the switch is needed to operate systems individually, the low voltage control facility on the motor itself should be used to provide easier, safer and more economic installations.

Infra-red control:

15 systems can be addressed with one transmitter and sensor (one receiver module is required for each system). Each system can be addressed individually or simultaneously. Motor can be equipped with infra-red operating facility after installation, and can be combined with fixed wall switch operation. Low cost, low voltage cable linkage from motor to motor saves wiring costs and is invaluable for linking into audio visual systems.


  • Transmitter set Ref 5793: Comprising: Hand-held transmitter Ref 5787, Infra-red eye sensor Ref 5789, Receiver Ref 5788, Connecting flat cable Ref 5779 and Modular plug, Ref 5778.
  • Wall mounted switch: Optional additional control.


  • Maximum cable length: 100 metres (for more than 20 metres, one amplifier 5774 per motor is required).
  • Micro-processor controlled electronics: Motors can be wired in parallel.
  • Motors are available in UK (239V/ 50 Hz) and export (115V/ 60 Hz) versions.

Standard product features


  • Profile: 55 mm wide x 28 mm deep.
  • Maximum overall track length: 25 metres.




  • Track fixings are required at 500–600 mm centres, depending on the curtain configuration.
  • Fix nylon ceiling clamps Ref 3826 to extension brackets with M4 x 8 mm screws.



Non-latching switch is available in one, two, three, four, five and six gang options; consult manufacturer for details.

NBS Specification

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45-35-35/440 Curtain supports

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Silent Gliss Ltd


+44 (0)1843 863571

Product reference

5300 Electric Curtain Track System


[As drawing ___]
[As schedule ___]

Colour/ Finish

[Silver anodized]
[White powder coated]

Fixing brackets

[Ceiling/ bracket clamp Ref 5320]
141 mm projection to centre of track.
[Wall fixing extension brackets Ref 3239]

Operating system

[Infra-red control]
[Wall switch control]


 - Standard:
[Not required]
[Adjustable pilot runner Ref 5321]
[Connecting bridge Ref 5319]
[Drive belt Ref 5302]
[End set Ref 5304]
Belt guide.
[End set Ref 5310]
Belt return.
[Endstop Ref 5312]
[Fixing screws Ref 348C]
[Mask Ref 5110]
[Master carrier set Ref 5317]
[Motor support Ref 5318]
[Motor connection plug Ref 5685]
[Non-latching wall mounted white plastic switch Ref 0565A]
With back-box; recessed pattress.
[Overlap arm Ref 5670]
Single stack.
[Roller gliders with eye Ref 6098]
Ten per metre.
[Spring stop Ref 6086]
 - Other:
[Not required]
[Cable for motor Ref 5779]
[Nylon curtain hooks Ref 3576]
[Plug for motor Ref 5778]
[Roller gliders with curtain hooks Ref 6094]

Manufacturer details

Pyramid Business Park,
Poorhole Lane,
Kent, CT10 2PT
Tel +44 (0)1843 863571
Fax +44 (0)1843 864503
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