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6650 Hospital Cubicle Safety Device System is designed for specific use in high risk areas to minimise the opportunity for patient self-harm. The precision-engineered gradual pull-out ensures that the device will remain in place during normal every day use. The system has been designed to work exclusively with Silent Gliss® 6100 Cubicle System and comes complete with hanger rods, V-hangers, wall supports and wall bracket systems.

The hanger rod incorporates a friction-based joint which will progressively separate at track level at known figures and loads. It is designed with maximum protection from wear and tear to minimise inspection and future replacement. After a fail-safe incident, the track is simply replaced by pushing back into the hangers and brackets. Progressive separation of the device acts as a warning and reduces incidences of separation through over-heavy handling of curtains, etc.

The wall support is designed to take lateral and vertical downward pressure without causing damage to the support. The wall brackets allow bed returns, etc., to be included in the design to meet layout specifications.


  • Track Ref 6101.
  • Hanger rod assembly, incorporating 6675 safety device, Ref 6651.
  • V-hanger assembly, incorporating 6677 safety device, Ref 6658.
  • Wall support assembly, incorporating insert 6657, Ref 6655.
  • Wall bracket assembly, incorporating 6655 wall support, 6663 plate and 6101 cubicle profile, Ref 6668.
  • Special connecting bridge Ref 6666.


  • A detachable connecting bridge reduces the risk of the "domino effect" where one collapsing cubicle brings down attached systems
  • Track can be bent to 150 mm radius (minimum) or 200 mm (standard).
  • Recommended height from finished floor level to the underside of the track: 2100 mm.
  • Gliders are normally fitted ten per metre.

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Standard product features

Track size:

  • 14 mm (wide) x 36 mm deep overall.
  • Length: 4.5 to 7.5 metres. Tracks can be joined using connectors.

Material/ Finish:

Silver anodized aluminium.



Consult manufacturer for detailed fixing data sheets.

Wall brackets:

Aluminium (Ref 6503) dimensions (width x projection): 25 x 50 mm/ 50 x 50 mm/ 50 x 100 mm/ 100 x 50 mm/ 200 x 50 mm/ 100 x 100 mm/ 75 x 150 mm.

NBS Specification

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45-35-35/440 Curtain supports

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Product specification

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Product reference

6650 Hospital Cubicle Safety Device System


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[As drawing]
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[Aluminium wall brackets for fixing parallel to wall Ref 6503]
[End cover/ stop Ref 6611]
[End stop Ref 6007]
[Dust cover for track profile Ref 6110]
[Gliders, additional Ref 6083]
[Glider eyes in strip form (20 No. 6083) Ref 6096]
[Gliders only Ref 6143]
[Roller gliders Ref 6283]
[Roller gliders with eye Ref 6098]
[Roller gliders with curtain hooks Ref 6094]
[Spring stop Ref 6086]
[Twist eye end stop Ref 6065]

Wall bracket dimension

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