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8250 Venetian Blind System is an electrically operated blind designed for domestic or contract use with simple to use snap fixing bracket permits easy ceiling, wall or recess fixing and removal. The electric operation permits two speeds – slow for tilting, fast for up or down movement. Slats may be stopped at any angle. Individual and simultaneous control of multiple blinds from one or more positions without additional controls using the low voltage switch correction provided.

All electric controlled systems can also be controlled by a white plastic wall mounted switch. When using fixed switches, where more than the switch is needed to operate systems individually, the low voltage control facility should be used to provide easier, safer and more economic installations.

A radio control option (0450) is available, with the addition of a 0907 low voltage receiver. Adjustable side guide wire components, for side-guided systems, are also available as an option.

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Standard product features

Slat width:

25 mm.


  • Reference: 8102.
  • Material: Anodized aluminium.
  • Dimensions: 27 mm (wide) x 32 mm (deep).

Power supply:

115V/ 60 Hz.


Slat type and colour:

A wide choice of slats, including perforated versions, and colours is available; consult manufacturer for details.


  • Maximum width: 3000 mm.
  • Minimum width: 700 mm.
  • Maximum drop: 3400 mm.
  • Maximum surface area: 5 m².


  • Standard wall/ ceiling snap-in brackets, Ref 8005. Fix at 800–1000 mm centres with end brackets 50 mm from ends of blind.
  • Wall fixing extension brackets. Projection to outer face of headrail: 54/ 72 mm. Ref 3134/ 3135. Colour: Silver/ White/ Brown. Fix ceiling brackets, Ref 8005, to extension brackets with M4 x 8 mm screws.
  • Adjustable wall fixing extension brackets: Projection to outer face of track 75–95 mm/ 85–115 mm. Comprises bracket arm Ref 3275/ 3276 and bracket base Ref 3271. Colour: Silver/ White/ Brown. Fix ceiling brackets Ref 8005 to extension brackets with M4 x 8 mm screws.

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45-25-10/370 Venetian blinds

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8250 Venetian Blind System

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