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1021 Hand Operated Curtain Track is a wall mounted track for light curtains and nets, with extended vertical flange. It is designed for fixing to timber fascias.


  • Track can be bent to 60 mm radius (minimum), 100 mm radius (standard), and can also be bent to suit arched soffits.
  • Pre-drilled at 300 mm centres.
  • Gliders are normally fitted 16 per metre.

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Standard product features


  • 8.2 mm wide x 14 mm deep.
  • Standard length: 5 metres (Silver only), 6 metres (all colours). Tracks can be joined using connectors.




Fix to timber fascia at every fixing hole in track (approx. 300 mm centres).

NBS Specification

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45-35-35/440 Curtain supports

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Product specification

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Silent Gliss Ltd


+44 (0)1843 863571

Product reference

1021 Hand Operated Curtain Track

Colour/ Finish

White powder coated


[12 mm roundhead screws Ref 6835A]
[24 mm roundhead screws Ref 6835B]
[Pozidrive screws Ref 6835C]

Standard accessories

[End stop Ref 3016]
[Gliders in strip form (20 No. 3533) Ref 3534]

Other accessories

[Not required]
[Aluminium draw rod Ref 4092S]
[Curtain hooks Ref 3571/ 3582/ 3599]
[Gliders Ref 3533/ 3511]
[Loop tape Ref 3068]
[Plastic draw rod Ref 4092]
[Retrofit gliders Ref 3548]
[Rotating gliders Ref 3570]
[Screw twist end stop Ref 3071]
[Side mounted gliders/hooks Ref 3580]
[Spring stop Ref 3032]
[Standard tape Ref 3562]
[Twist eye end stop Ref 3070]

Manufacturer details

Pyramid Business Park,
Poorhole Lane,
Kent, CT10 2PT
Tel +44 (0)1843 863571
Fax +44 (0)1843 864503
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