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Two edge supported patent glazing system with lead-covered steel patent glazing bars.

Features and benefits:

  • Designed to produce a traditional Victorian style.
  • The glazing bar consists of a galvanized, rolled carbon steel core which is inserted into a seamless lead extrusion covering, incorporating a twin wing weathering system and glass seatings.
  • The ends of the lead covers are soldered to give a hermetic seal.
  • Original design cast brass fixing plates and glass stop are screwed on to produce the finished glazing bar.
  • Can accommodate single and double glazing, and passes Advisory Committee for Roofwork (ACR[M]) and Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) non-fragility tests in both single and double glazed formats.
  • No capping is required.
  • Can be combined with opening vents to offer a complete glazing solution.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS 5516: 2004 Code of Practice for the design and installation of vertical and sloping patent glazing.


To be used to the external facade of a patent glazing system on grade 1 and grade 2 listed buildings and historic buildings, and can accommodate the following:

  • Replacement, refurbishment and replacement projects.
  • New build projects where a traditional design is required.
  • Glass roofing, including self-supporting hipped rooflights, lanterns and polygonal shaped rooflights.
  • Double and triple glazed applications.
  • Single glazing applications.
  • Lean-to and duo-pitched designs.

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Standard product features


Rolled carbon steel inner cores with a minimum tensile strength of 355 N/mm².


  • Glazing bars: Self-finished (lead covered).
  • Aluminium accessories: Polyester powder-coated to BS 6496 in RAL 7015 slate grey matt.

Minimum film thickness:

40 µm.

Glazing bar spacing:

Approximately 600 mm centres.


Glazing bar:

Consult manufacturer before specifying a particular glazing bar.

- LC5 SG:

  • Single glazing: 1290–3220 mm.
  • Canopy glazing: 1380–2530 mm.

- LC7 DG:

Double glazing: 1350–3270 mm.

- LC7 SG:

  • Single glazing: 1430–3570 mm.
  • Canopy glazing: 1540–2800 mm.

Please note that the lower span values are calculated using the most extreme environmental loadings, whereas the higher span values are based on the least extreme. The manufacturer requests a site postal code to enable them to calculate the correct glazing bar type for every project. The glazing bar spans above are based on using 6 mm thick glass for the double glazed, single glazed and canopy types. Spans are dependent upon the site location and exposure rating, site altitude, distance from the sea, height of glazing from ground level, shape of the roof, pitch of glazing, glazing bar centres, glass weight, wind speeds, snow load, dead load and maintenance loads.

Glazing infill:

A variety is available, e.g. clear laminated, heat soaked toughened, etc. Consult manufacturer's literature for information.

  • Double: 30 mm thickness.
  • Single: 6–9 mm thickness. Insert requirement.
  • Triple: 30 mm thickness.

An 18 mm Argon gas filled cavity with warm edge spacer bars is supplied for double and triple glazing.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
20-25-75/180 Roof window system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Standard Patent Glazing Company Ltd


+44 (0)1924 461213

Product reference

Heritage Patent Glazing System

Supporting structure

 - Top:
[Suitably pitched steel rails]
[Suitably pitched timber rails]
 - Intermediate:
[Not required]
[Suitably pitched steel rails]
[Suitably pitched timber rails]
 - Bottom:
[Suitably pitched steel rails]
[Suitably pitched timber rails]

Glazing bar

[LC5 SG]
Depth: 45 mm. Not available for use with double glazing.
[LC7 DG]
Depth: 53 mm. Not available for use with single or canopy glazing.
[LC7 SG]
Depth: 53 mm. Not available for use with double glazing.



Glazing infill

[ ______ ]

Opening vents

 - Type:
[Not required]
[Bottom hung, thermally broken]
Not available for single glazing.
[Side hung, thermally broken]
[Top hung, thermally broken]
 - Quantity:
[ ______ ]
 - Operation:
[Not applicable]
[Electric control - chain actuator, 24 V]
[Electric control - chain actuator, 230 V]
[Electric control - linear actuator, 24 V]
[Electric control - linear actuator, 230 V]
[Manual control - screwjack gear]
[Pneumatic control - gas springs]
 - Controls:
[Not applicable/ not required]
[Crank handle]
For use with screwjack gear.
[Standard open/ close wall mounted switch]
For electric actuators.
[Wall mounted thermostatic control panel with rain sensor]
For electric actuators.

Accessories/ Other requirements

[Not required]
[Dress only lead flashings]
To perimeter positions (lead flashings measured elsewhere).
[Pre-formed sheet aluminium flashings]
To perimeter positions.

Manufacturer details

Flagship House,
Forge Lane,
West Yorkshire, WF12 9EL
Tel +44 (0)1924 461213
Fax +44 (0)1924 458083
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