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A complete water control system specially designed for the removal of groundwater from basement cavity drainage membrane systems. The system comprises of a polyethylene sump, locking access cover (pedestrian duty, not suitable for roadways), a powerful submersible pump, a 24 V backup pump, a control panel and a fittings kit. The system is very versatile, enabling the installer to locate inlets to their specifications. It is designed for use where primary pump failure through mechanical fault of loss of mains power would be catastrophic. The system alerts the end user if the water rises above the normal operating level within the sump, and activates the backup pump via three separate float switches. The panel contains two batteries that are trickle charged and will keep the back-up system operational in situations of mains power failure and/or pump fault.


  • Backup and mains powered pump have similar capacity.
  • Control panel can be located up to 20 m from sump.
  • Pump capacity of 180 L/ min at 6.5 m head.
  • Quick and easy to install.

Standard product features


A mains powered, powerful 240 V submersible pump with float arm and a 24 V battery powered backup pump with a 45 minute battery life. They are capable of pumping up to 180 L/ min to a maximum head of 6.5 m.

Sump basin:

A red polyethylene pre-formed chamber, measuring 600 high with a diameter of 550 mm. It is most commonly located into the floor, finishing flush with the surrounding floor level. The sump basin is supplied with a locking, 350 x 350 mm access cover which can accept foot traffic. The lid can be easily removed to allow regular maintenance of the internal submersible pump or pumps. Includes three mini float switches which activate the backup pump if the water rises above the normal operating level within the sump.

Non-return valve assembly:

To avoid any discharged water backing-up into the sump basin, a brass non-return valve assembly is provided. This is fitted directly to the submersible pump outlet via flexible couplings and supplied ready to accept a standard 1¼” waste pipe.

Control panel:

Controls and monitors the status of the complete system. The panel consists of both visual and audio indicators that are imperative for both the installer and end user to fully understand. Measures 380 x 300 x 180 mm (h x w x d).

NBS Specification

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50-10-20/110 Package pumping station and pressure pipeline system
90-10-70/450 Package pumping stations

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Product specification

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Product reference

Triton Aqua Pump Pro Battery Back Up


[1¼” brass gate valve]
[12 V, 7 Ah battery]
[50 mm rubber seal (inlet/ cable duct)]
[110 mm rubber seal (drainage inlet)]
[Access cover, recessed 350 x 350 mm]
[High level alarm (mains operated)]
[High level alarm (mains/ battery operated)]

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