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Gas barrier to prevent the ingress of moisture, CO2, methane and radon gas when used in the construction of buildings and dwellings.

Features and benefits:

  • Prevents the ingress of Methane CO2 and Radon gas.
  • High quality very robust copolymer, mono layer membrane.
  • Complies with NHBC recommendations.
  • Supplied in 2 m widths making it easy to install.

Must be laid in accordance with BRE report 414 to offer an effective solution, it can be used in most common floor constructions and will also perform the same function as a damp proof membrane. Where there is a risk of hydrostatic pressure the product is not intended for use. Once installed a minimum thickness of 50 mm screed is recommended.


Typical areas where the membrane may be used includes coalfields, contaminated industrial sites, landfill and brown field sites.

Standard product features

Size (l x w):

25 x 2 m.


500 microns.

Technical properties:

  • Weight: 460 g/m².
  • Density: 0.92 kg/m³.
  • Elongation (to ASTM D1000): Longitudinal: 400%; Transverse: 500%.
  • Water vapour transmission (to BS 3177): 0.15 g/m²/day.
  • Methane gas permeability: 1.248 x 10^-17 m²/s/Pa.
  • Radon permeability: 8 x 10^-12 m²/s.
  • Radon transmittance: 22 x 10^-9 m/s.
  • CO2 permeability: 2.055 x 10^-17 m²/s/Pa.

NBS Specification

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45-65-50/325 Plastics sheets

Product specification

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Triton Systems


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Product reference

Triton TGS/GM 500


[Triton GM500 Double Sided Tape]
For jointing membrane edges.
[Triton GM500 Silver Joint Tape (single sided tape)]
For sealing overlapping membranes.

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