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A 12 V battery operated pump system designed for use in conjunction with the Triton Aqua Pump Kit. Its unique design gives the client peace of mind knowing that their water pumping system can remain operational and their basement can remain dry, even in the event of a mechanical breakdown of the primary pump or a temporary power failure. The system consists of a 12 V battery, a 12 V pump, a battery trickle charger, float switch and a compact waterproof housing. All electrical and mechanical parts are located within the housing, which is sited away from the sump chamber; ensuring no contamination from water. It is designed to be installed within 1.8 m of the Triton Aqua Pump sump basin and is normally located in a cupboard at basement floor level.

The pump, which is located within the housing, is connected to the sump chamber by a suction hose. The pump operates when the float switch, in the sump chamber, is engaged. The pump draws the water from the sump through the pump and to a suitable drainage point. The 240 V trickle charger maintains the charge in the battery whilst the mains power is live. In the event of a power failure the charge held within the battery will operate the pump. When the power is reinstated, the trickle charger will boost the battery backup to full charge. During a power failure, the expected continual running time of the 12 V pump with a fully charged battery would be approximately six hours, but most commonly the pump would run intermittently for one minute at a time; therefore greatly extending the functional life.


  • Pump capacity of 1920 L/h.
  • Up to 16 hours continual running.

Standard product features

Size (l x w x h):

460 x 320 x 305 mm.

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50-10-20/110 Package pumping station and pressure pipeline system
90-10-70/450 Package pumping stations

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Triton Aqua Pump Battery Back Up Kit

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