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Metal lockers in a range of compartment configurations.

Features and benefits:

  • Range of colours and compartment configurations available.
  • Single door version comes completed with both top shelf and hanging rail.
  • Provides secure storage, suitable for offices and schools.
  • Sturdy construction: Door frame constructed from heavy gauge carbon steel of press formed channel section.
  • Lockers supplied fully assembled; installation service available.
  • Can be installed as single or nested (side-by-side or back-to-back) units to suit project requirements.

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Standard product features


1775 mm.


Carbon steel, powder-coated.


Spot welded and pop riveted.

  • Door frame assembly: Comprises two uprights manufactured from heavy gauge carbon steel of press formed channel section; top and bottom cross members which are designed to create door stops. Spot welded construction produces a rigid frame, enabling door clearances to be maintained in accordance with British Standard requirements. The top cross member is provided with a series of ventilation slots.
  • Doors: Doors are attached to the right hand side of door frame upright with two ‘five knuckle’ semi-concealed hinges per door. Doors are fitted with a plastic escutcheon plate around the lock, which can also act as a name card/ locker number holder. The inside of the door has a full length vertical ‘stiffener’ to provide greater rigidity. Two rubber buffers are fitted to the top and bottom corners of each door for quiet closure.
  • Bottom: Formed as a 60 mm-high plinth. All edges have return bends and the front and rear edges drilled for fitting to stands or stands with seat.
  • Shelf: The one compartment locker is fitted with a shelf 315 mm from the top, giving a clear 250 mm opening, allowing adequate space for the average crash helmet with chin protector, or other articles.
  • Hook and hanger rails: A coat hook is located each side of the main compartment under the shelf; for lockers over 300 mm-deep, a plastic coated clothes hanger rail is also fitted.



Units are nested in groups during the manufacturing process. All lockers are holed in back and sides to enable them to be bolted together. Note: When preparing locker room layouts, allow approximately 4 mm extra for each nest for rivet heads at the sides of lockers in each row.


Paint finish: Five-stage automatic degreasing and phosphating process to remove surface contamination for improved adhesion and humidity resistance. The powder is electrostatically applied prior to oven baking at the appropriate temperature. Additional cost applies for non-standard RAL colours.


  • Latch lock: For user’s own padlock (recommended padlock shank dimensions 6 mm). Consult manufacturer for recommended padlocks.
  • Ten-disc tumbler cam lock: Mastered suite with two keys to each lock.


Additional costs apply; consult manufacturer for details.

- Three-point locking:

Espagnolette bolts provide effective and secure latching, allowing locking at three positions. Can be specified with either standard locking method. A range of other locking options are available; consult manufacturer for details.

- Numbering:

  • Discs: Laminated plastic 25 mm diameter, white numbers on black, numbers can comprise one to four digits. The disc is holed and a split key ring is provided.
  • Label: Silver polyester, with a permanent, self-adhesive back. Numbers are printed in black and can comprise one to four digits including letters.
  • Plate: Laminated plastic, white numbers on black, numbers can comprise one to four digits.

- Perforations:

  • Most parts of the locker can be perforated with the Helmsman perforation profile; consult manufacturer for details.
  • Where full length lockers have perforated doors, the manufacturer recommends that three-point locking be fitted for added security.

- Sloping top:

Height increase at rear:

  • 300 mm-deep unit: 100 mm.
  • 380 mm-deep unit: 126 mm.
  • 450 mm-deep unit: 150 mm.

- Charging point:

Contact manufacturer for further details.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-35-80/380 Lockers

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying





+44 (0)1284 727626

Product reference

Metal Lockers


[One compartment, 1301]
Full length.
[Two compartments, 1302]
Compartment opening size: 810 mm-high (internal: 847 mm).
[Three compartments, 1303]
Compartment opening size: 525 mm-high (internal: 555 mm).
[Four compartments, 1304]
Compartment opening size: 390 mm-high (internal: 420 mm).
[Five compartments, 1305]
Compartment opening size: 306 mm-high (internal: 336 mm).
[Six compartments, 1306]
Compartment opening size: 250 mm-high (internal: 280 mm).

Width/ depth

[300 x 300 mm]
[300 x 450 mm]
[380 x 380 mm]
[380 x 450 mm]
[450 x 450 mm]


[Single unit]
[Two units, row]
[Three units, row]
300 mm-wide units only.


 - Frame:


 - Door:
Insert requirements.


[Latch lock]
[Ten-disc tumbler cam lock]
[Coin refund/ retain]
[Digital combination lock]
[Four-digit combination lock]


 - Three-point locking:
Available for one compartment (full length) lockers only, and with latch lock or ten-disc tumbler cam locks only.
[Not required]
 - Numbering:
[Not required]
 - Perforations:
[Not required]
 - Stands/ seats:
[Not required]
[Stands with adjustable feet]
[Stands with seats]
[Stands with seats and adjustable feet]
 - Sloping top:
1:3 gradient; recommended where user may leave items on top of lockers.
[Not required]
 - End panels:
For aesthetic appearance and to protect row ends.
[Not required]
 - Charging point:
Single unswitched 13 A socket (each compartment).
[Not required]

Manufacturer details

1 Northern Way,
Bury St Edmunds,
Suffolk, IP32 6NH
Tel +44 (0)1284 727626
Fax +44 (0)1284 727601
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