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Laminate, aluminium and stainless steel lockers in a range of compartment configurations.

Features and benefits:

  • Range of colours and compartment configurations available.
  • Plant-on doors cover the top cross member. The bottom cross member/ plinth is visible.
  • Provides secure storage, resistant to casual vandalism.
  • Sturdy construction: Door frame constructed from stainless steel of press formed channel section. Body work made from aluminium.
  • Lockers supplied fully assembled; installation service available.
  • Bespoke products are available; contact manufacturer for details.

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Standard product features


1775 mm.


Spot welded and pop riveted.

  • Door frame assembly: Comprises two uprights manufactured from stainless steel of press formed channel section. Spot welded construction produces a rigid frame enabling door clearances to be maintained in accordance with British Standard requirements.
  • Doors: 10 mm-thick plant-on doors, attached to the right hand side of door frame upright with semi-concealed 'five knuckle' 180° hinges. sprung or un-sprung.
  • Bottom: Formed as a 55 mm-high plinth. All edges have return bends and the front and rear edges drilled for fitting to stands or stands with seat.
  • Shelf: The one compartment locker is fitted with a shelf 315 mm from the top, giving a clear 250 mm opening, allowing adequate space for the average crash helmet with chin protector, or other articles.
  • Hook and hanger rails are supplied in one and two compartment lockers: A coat hook is located each side of the main compartment under the shelf; for lockers over 300 mm-deep, a plastic coated clothes hanger rail is also fitted.


Lockers must be firmly secured to wall or floor (if stands are required) and fixed together in runs for safety purposes.



Allow 4 mm extra on the width for the rivets.


  • Combination lock: Door-mounted combination lock with master key over-ride facility and user codes which can be reset.
  • Latch lock: For user’s own padlock (recommended padlock shank: 6 mm). Consult manufacturer for recommended padlocks.
  • Refund/ collect lock: Coin operated, master keyed user access by key on pin or wristband using coin or token specified. Accepts most European coins.
  • Ten-disc tumbler cam lock: Mastered suite with two keys to each lock.


Additional costs apply; consult manufacturer for details.

- Numbering:

  • Engraving: Centrally positioned at the top of the door. Numbers can comprise one to four digits.
  • Plate: Plastic oval number plate recessed into the door, centrally positioned at the top. Numbers can comprise one to four digits.

- Sloping top:

Height increase at rear:

  • 300 mm-deep unit: 100 mm.
  • 380 mm-deep unit: 126 mm.
  • 450 mm-deep unit: 150 mm.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-35-80/380 Lockers

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying





+44 (0)1284 727626

Product reference

Wet Spec Laminate Lockers


[One compartment]
Full length.
[Two compartments]
Compartment opening size: 810 mm-high (internal: 847 mm).
[Three compartments]
Compartment opening size: 525 mm-high (internal: 555 mm).
[Four compartments]
Compartment opening size: 390 mm-high (internal: 420 mm).
[Five compartments]
Compartment opening size: 306 mm-high (internal: 336 mm).
[Six compartments]
Compartment opening size: 250 mm-high (internal: 280 mm).

Width/ depth

[300 x 300 mm]
[300 x 450 mm]
[380 x 380 mm]
[380 x 450 mm]
[450 x 450 mm]


 - Frame:

Stainless steel - Press formed channel section.

 - Door:

Solid grade laminate (SGL)


Fire rating

Euroclass C/ BS Class 1 - Standard for SGL; not available for CDF or steel carcass.


 - Frame:
[ ______ ]
 - Door:
[ ______ ]


[Combination lock]
[Latch lock]
[Refund/ collect lock]
[Ten-disc tumbler cam lock]




 - Numbering:
[Not required]
Oval laminated number plate
 - Shelves:
[Not required]
 - Stands/ seats:
[Not required]
[Stands plain bung]
[Stands with adjustable feet]
[Stands with seats]
Adjustable feet.
 - Sloping top:
1:3 gradient; recommended where user may leave items on top of lockers.
[Not required]
 - End panels:
For aesthetic appearance and to protect row ends.
[Not required]

Manufacturer details

1 Northern Way,
Bury St Edmunds,
Suffolk, IP32 6NH
Tel +44 (0)1284 727626
Fax +44 (0)1284 727601
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