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An expanded polystyrene (EPS) lightweight fill material designed to replace conventional hardcore in domestic solid ground-floor construction above or below the damp-proof membrane and to insulate the concrete slab.

Jabcore White 100 can be used where higher floor loadings are likely.

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Standard product features


1200 x 1800 mm.

Thermal conductivity:

  • Jabcore White 70: 0.038 W/ mK.
  • Jabcore White 100: 0.036 W/ mK.

Compressive strength @ 1% nominal strain:

  • Jabcore White 70: 20 kPa.
  • Jabcore White 100: 45 kPa.


Expanded polystyrene has been awarded an A+ rating in the BRE's Green Guide to Specification.



Jabcore White is available as EPS 70 or EPS 100 as defined in BS EN 13163. Flame-retardant additive material is available to order.


Three standard sizes available, other thicknesses available to order to a maximum of 300 mm.

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45-45-65/380 Expanded polystyrene (EPS) board

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