ASSA P600 is based on a new pin technology together with a paracentric key profile. It is a new way of thinking; the aim is to create a new standard cylinder used for masterkey systems in a simple way but without compromise.


  • Profile of the key – paracentric to prevent picking and extended keyneck to allow the use of security accessories.
  • Pins – special security pins with wings and two tips per pin for enhanced security.
  • Protected key blanks – patented to ensure keys cannot be duplicated by unauthorized parties.
  • Precision engineered using high quality materials.
  • Purpose built – a variety of cylinder shapes so one masterkey system can cover different applications.
  • Proven technology.

ASSA P600 is available in a full range of cylinder shapes, allowing the system to be used with all common types of lock cases. With ASSA P600 it is possible to install one system covering all applications, from external and internal doors, to cabinets and padlocks.

Standard product features


- Scandinavian oval:

For use with ASSA Modular, Connect and Narrow Profile lockcases:

  • P601: Single cylinder (outside).
  • P603: Single cylinder (inside).
  • P602: Double cylinder.
  • P607: Single rim cylinder (outside).
  • P307: Single rim cylinder (inside).
  • P13607: Double rim cylinder.

- Scandinavian round:

For use with Modular and Connect lockcases:

  • P611: Single cylinder (outside).
  • P613: Single cylinder (inside).
  • P612: Double cylinder.

- Rounded threaded:

For use with locking devices accepting screw-in cylinders:

  • P651: Single mortice cylinder.
  • P652: Double mortice cylinder.
  • P657: Rim cylinder.

- Euro profile:

  • P622: Double cylinder.
  • P623: Single cylinder.
  • P627: Single cylinder with oval turn.
  • P624: Single cylinder with small round turn.
  • P621: Single cylinder with large round turn.

- Oval profile:

  • P632: Double cylinder.
  • P633: Single cylinder.
  • P637: Single cylinder with Distinction oval turn.
  • P634: Single cylinder with small round turn.
  • P631: Single cylinder with large round turn.

NBS Specification

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45-25-18/310 Door and window locks and latches

NBS Specification

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