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Stylish indoor security access control solution constructed from a frameless, toughened glass door wing and a slim column. The Winglock 900 is a simple and effective means of monitoring staff and visitors without creating an obtrusive barrier. It can be integrated with an access control system to ensure bi-directional, authorized traffic. The in-built control unit can store a number of authorization signals in order to be able to open in the right direction for each user, guaranteeing smooth and efficient operation.

It is usually locked in the rest position and upon authorization from the access control system or an external control panel, the door wing opens 90° in the desired direction before relocking. Due to its design and efficient operation, the Winglock 900 is often used as a controlled disabled access or access for bulky deliveries in addition to one of the other Boon Edam security access products.

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Standard product features

Size (w x l x h):

1250 x 185 x 1100 mm.

Passage width:

990 mm.

Door wing:

  • Width: 920 mm.
  • Height: 1000 mm.

Capacity (per minute in one direction):

30; dependent on authorization system.


The motor and locking mechanism are housed within a 168 mm diameter brushed stainless steel centre column, which can be surface mounted onto any solid floor to allow ease of installation and maintenance. The glass is mounted on the central column without the need for visible clamps or screws.

Power supply:

200–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.


The Winglock is equipped with a modern control unit which can be accessed through a PDA. This allows the Boon Edam service teams to carry out service and maintenance to the software quickly and with minimal inconvenience to the users.

Standard safety features:

Fail-safe operation ensures the lock and motor disengage in the event of a power failure to allow free passage. Alternatively, if back-up power is available, the Winglock can be programmed to open fully in the escape direction upon receipt of a fire alarm.

NBS Specification

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45-25-35/313 Stainless steel gates

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Product specification

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Boon Edam Limited


+44 (0)1233 505900

Product reference

Winglock 900

Support post

[40 mm constructed]
No support post required for Winglock 900, upto and including 1200 mm high.
[48 mm welded]


[Card readers integrated into adjacent turnstile cabinet]
[Card readers mounted on adjacent turnstile cabinet]
[External control panel]
[Pedestal for mounting external card readers]
[Round clamps]
No clamps to UK manufactured WL900.

Manufacturer details

Holland House,
Crowbridge Road,
Orbital Park,
Kent, TN24 0GR
Tel +44 (0)1233 505900
Fax +44 (0)1233 505909
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