A two wing automatic revolving door with spacious compartments which easily accommodate large objects such as shopping and luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs. It provides simple, bi-directional, straight-line access and has a high capacity throughput of people. The unique design of the Duotour turns an ordinary entrance into an environmentally friendly and attractive one.

Available in three models, the Duotour is the most versatile high capacity entrance solution available. Incorporating central sliding or swinging doors within the two wing door set, the Duotour can be used as a fully automatic revolving door, an automatic sliding entrance or left completely open as traffic flow or special circumstances dictate.

Showcases for displays and advertising are available at each end of the door set on the AC and AS models, without jeopardizing compartment space or capacity. This option makes the Duotour a popular entrance solution with supermarkets, hotels, banks and airports; however it is also well suited to hospitals and many types of public buildings.

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Standard product features

Door width:

  • 3600 mm diameter: 1439 mm (sliding doors), 1654 mm (swing doors).
  • 4200 mm diameter: 1739 mm (sliding doors), 1954 mm (swing doors).
  • 4800 mm diameter: 2039 mm (sliding doors), 2254 mm (swing doors).
  • 5400 mm diameter: 2339 mm (sliding doors).

Persons per segment (maximum):

  • 3600 mm diameter: Five.
  • 4200 mm diameter: Seven.
  • 4800 mm diameter: Nine.
  • 5400 mm diameter: Eleven.

Power supply:

200–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Frame and doorsets:



Sound insulated folded aluminium panels.

Standard safety features:

  • Safety rail bent wall (SRB): Active safety rubber buffers to prevent persons and objects being trapped between the leading edges of the rotating door wing and the stationary bent wall (leading mullion).
  • Safety rail turning wall (SRT): Active safety rubber buffers on the leading edges of the rotating door wings. The Duotour stops immediately when the buffers are activated.
  • End buffer sensors (EBS, stationary and rotating) prevent people being hit by the rotating door wing when they are trying to enter the Duotour at the last moment.
  • Horizontal boon sensors (HBS, slow and stop) safeguard the area in front of the door wings and the showcases. If the door wing or showcase is nearing a person, the door first slows down and then stops if it gets closer.
  • Emergency stop which immediately stops the Duotour when activated.

Night security:

The Duotour is provided as standard with electrical brake units. Parking the door set in the night position closes the door off completely as the curved end walls cover the throat opening. An access control system can be integrated, allowing authorized users to enter the building at night.

Emergency escape:

An emergency escape is provided via the central doors. In the event of an emergency the door set automatically rotates to the escape position and, depending on the model type, the centre doors will slide open or the swing doors will unlock for manual opening. If the main power fails, the monitored battery backup takes over. Unlike conventional revolving doors, the lack of centre column means that a totally clear opening is provided. This facility can also be used to provide automatic venting for smoke clearance where required.

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45-25-28/352 Automatic revolving doorsets

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Product specification

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Product reference

[Duotour AC]
Swing doors with showcases.
[Duotour AS]
Sliding doors with showcases.
[Duotour AT]
Sliding doors without showcases.


[3600 mm]
1654 mm throat opening width, 3804 mm installation width.
[4200 mm]
1954 mm throat opening width, 4404 mm installation width.
[4800 mm]
2254 mm throat opening width, 5004 mm installation width.
[5400 mm]
Not available with Duotour AC, 2554 mm throat opening width, 5604 mm installation width.


 - Internal:
[ ______ ]
 - Canopy:
[ ______ ]


[Powder coated]
Insert requirement.
[Special order]
Can be clad with stainless steel, bronze, brass or other metals; contact manufacturer for more information.

Curved panels

Slim aluminium profiles with laminated glass.
High grade aluminium sandwich panels.


[Air curtains]
[Authorized night entry]
[Ceiling lighting with halogen lamps]
[Ceiling lighting with LED lamps]
[Dust covers]
Available in plywood, stainless steel or aluminium.
[Floor mats]
[Glass protection sheets]
[Manual or automatic locks]
[Push-button temporary low speed]
[Roof covering for outside use]

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