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Revolving door using a combination of laminated and toughened glass to reduce the traditionally framed elements of the door to a bare minimum. The result is a virtually completely transparent revolving door. This stylish entrance solution is perfect for use with contemporary glass façades but still blends in beautifully with more classical architectural styles.

It has manual operation and is available with three or four door wings in a wide range of sizes. The choice between clear and coloured glass ensures that it is not only highly functional but also the most stylish entrance solution available. The Crystal Tourniket’s versatility and style make it the perfect choice for medium traffic flow applications such as offices, hotels and many other types of buildings.

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Standard product features

Throat opening width:

  • 1600 mm diameter: 649 mm (three wing), 1068 mm (four wing).
  • 1800 mm diameter: 749 mm (three wing), 1210 mm (four wing).
  • 2000 mm diameter: 849 mm (three wing), 1351 mm (four wing).
  • 2200 mm diameter: 949 mm (three wing), 1493 mm (four wing).
  • 2400 mm diameter: 1049 mm (three wing), 1634 mm (four wing).
  • 2600 mm diameter: 1149 mm (three wing), 1776 mm (four wing).
  • 2800 mm diameter: 1249 mm (three wing), 1917 mm (four wing).
  • 3000 mm diameter: 1349 mm (three wing), 2059 mm (four wing).

Glass soffit height:

18 mm.


The curved walls that form the drum of the Crystal Tourniket are completely frameless, constructed of 17 mm thick laminated glass with only small cappings where required for safety. The door set is constructed from 12 mm thick toughened glass with only the smallest possible profiles to retain the weather strip. The two piece glass soffit is fixed directly to the curved walls with specially designed clamps.

Standard safety features:

Compressible safety buffers on the end of the curved walls (SRB).

NBS Specification

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45-25-28/354 Manual revolving doorsets

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Product specification

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Boon Edam Limited


+44 (0)1233 505900

Product reference

Crystal Tourniket


[Three wing]
[Four wing]


Rigid - Standard.


[1600 mm]
1650 mm installation width.
[1800 mm]
1850 mm installation width.
[2000 mm]
2050 mm installation width.
[2200 mm]
2250 mm installation width.
[2400 mm]
2450 mm installation width.
[2600 mm]
2650 mm installation width.
[2800 mm]
2850 mm installation width.
[3000 mm]
3050 mm installation width.

Internal height

[ ______ ]


Insert requirement.


[Coloured interlayer to glass soffit, curved walls and night locking doors]
[Floor mats]
[Night locking]
[Roof trim]
[Stainless steel soffit]

Manufacturer details

Holland House,
Crowbridge Road,
Orbital Park,
Kent, TN24 0GR
Tel +44 (0)1233 505900
Fax +44 (0)1233 505909
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