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A curved automatic sliding door which gives a sensation of space to those entering it. It is a fully round door with two sets of curved bi-parting sliding doors. The softly arched doorsets offer a wider door opening than normal sliding doors, providing enough space for people with large luggage as well as disabled access. The Circleslide is fully transparent and its curved appearance makes it an impressively stylish entrance that will complement any architectural design.

It includes two easy to use control panels that are mounted either on the door itself or at an external location such as a reception desk. The Circleslide is available in a wide variety of configurations and each doorset can be programmed and operated individually. Self learning technology ensures that the Circleslide operates smoothly and quietly. Typical applications include offices, hotels, restaurants and many types of public buildings.

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Standard product features

Power supply:

200–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Frame and doorsets:


Standard safety features:

  • Emergency push button which can be activated to immediately stop both door sets.
  • Motion and presence sensor to prevent persons or objects being hit by the sliding doors. The sliding door opens automatically if people are in the Circleslide or if obstacles are detected between the doors.
  • Stop and reverse mechanism to ensure that the sliding doors stop or open immediately if the motion and presence sensor encounters an obstacle. The sliding doors then slowly check that their path is free after which they return to their normal speed.

Control panel modes:

  • Automatic: If a person approaches the first set of sliding doors they automatically open. The visitor can then enter the door and second door set will automatically open, welcoming the visitor into the building. The cycle ends when both doorsets close again behind the visitor.
  • One-way: The Circleslide only allows people to leave the building.
  • Winter: Operates as in automatic mode but with a reduced opening in order to save energy.
  • Night (closed): In this mode both door sets are closed. For safety purposes the door can be opened by using an optional push button on the inside or by turning the key switch on the outside.
  • Permanently open: The Circleslide moves to the open position and remains in this position.

Night locking:

The Circleslide is fitted with an electromechanical lock in order to lock the door. It can be unlocked with a key or by means of an optional key impulse switch.

Emergency escape:

The Circleslide can be used as an escape route in emergency situations. Both door sets will open automatically in case of an emergency if the Circleslide has been connected to external alarm system. In case of a power failure, both sliding door sets are equipped with an emergency power supply to maintain normal operation.



- Interlocking mode:

The Circleslide can be fitted with a microprocessor-controlled interlocking function. During normal operation only one door set at a time will be opened. The second door set will only open after the first one has closed. This will prevent draught in your building. In order to prevent queues in front of a closed Circleslide during particularly busy periods, the interlocking function can be deactivated by means of a key inside the Circleslide.

- Side wing sensor:

The curved sliding movement of the Circleslide is protected by a special sensor, which gives an audible signal to warn people who are standing inside the door, in order to prevent accidents.

NBS Specification

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45-25-28/366 Sliding door and partition sets
45-25-28/352 Automatic revolving doorsets

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Product specification

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Product reference



[1800 mm]
1029 mm throat opening width, 1877 mm installation width.
[2000 mm]
1172 mm throat opening width, 2077 mm installation width.
[2200 mm]
1314 mm throat opening width, 2277 mm installation width.
[2400 mm]
1457 mm throat opening width, 2477 mm installation width.
[2600 mm]
1599 mm throat opening width, 2677 mm installation width.
[2800 mm]
1741 mm throat opening width, 2877 mm installation width.
[3000 mm]
1883 mm throat opening width, 3077 mm installation width.
[3200 mm]
1343 mm throat opening width, 3277 mm installation width.
[3400 mm]
1443 mm throat opening width, 3477 mm installation width.
[3600 mm]
1543 mm throat opening width, 3677 mm installation width.
[3800 mm]
1643 mm throat opening width, 3877 mm installation width.


 - Internal:
[ ______ ]
 - Canopy:
[ ______ ]


[Powder coated]
Insert requirement.
[Special order]
Can be clad with stainless steel, bronze, brass, other metals or wood; contact manufacturer for more information.

Curved panels

Slim aluminium profiles with laminated glass.
High grade aluminium sandwich panels.


[Air curtain]
[Ceiling lighting with halogen lamps]
[Ceiling lighting with LED lamps]
[Connection to external alarm system]
Such as fire alarm or smoke detector.
[Floor mats]
Available in plywood, stainless steel or aluminium.
[Glass protection sheets]
[Interlocking mode]
[Key impulse switch]
[Mechanical hookbolt lock]
[Push button free out]
[Roof covering for outside use]
[Side wing sensor]

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