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Pivoting angel wing security lane with status indication through colour changing LED Lights within the door wings. The illuminated angel wings give a sleek look, while the sophisticated technology hidden behind its aesthetic exterior allows for smooth and efficient bi-directional access. It relies on authorization from an access control system or external control panel, ensuring that only authorized people can enter the secured area. The system is able to remember up to three authorization pulses on each side of Speedlane 300 to guarantee smooth passage.

With a high capacity throughput and a slim design the Speedlane 300 is ideal for situations where large numbers of people need to pass through a narrow secured entrance. Intermediate units, with door wings on both sides, are available to effectuate a multiple lane set-up and save valuable space. For applications with continuous, busy, bi-directional traffic, entry and exit lanes can be allocated to increase efficiency and ease of use. Typical applications include banks, corporate offices and government buildings.

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Standard product features

Size (w x l x h):

1130 x 1212 x 1020 mm.

Passage width:

500 mm.

Capacity (per minute in one direction):

25–30; dependent on authorization system.


Brushed stainless steel AISI 304 frame with a satin polished stainless steel top cover.

Angel wings:

12 mm thick polycarbonate, illuminated using low energy red and green LED lights, indicating the status of the Speedlane 300.

Power supply:

200–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Standard safety features:

  • Advanced sensor system prevents the angel wing door wings from closing when a person or object is located within the safety zone.
  • The Speedlane 300 is equipped with a battery back-up to prevent malfunction if a power failure occurs. If the main power supply has not been restored before the battery back-up system is exhausted, the last action is to open the door wings. Upon activation of the fire alarm, the door wings fully retract into the unit.

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45-25-35/349 Stainless steel half height turnstiles

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Speedlane 300

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[Stainless steel, satin finished]
[Timber, beech wood]
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[Adaptations for card reader mounting]
[External control panel]
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